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Gas Guzzling

March 30, 2004
Re "Wild West" (March 23): Hummers and other gas-guzzling vehicles contribute to real eco-terrorism. Crista Worthy Pacific Palisades
January 27, 2012 | By Julie Wernau
For politicians betting on electric vehicles to drive job growth, the view from inside Think City's plant here is their worst nightmare: 100 unfinished vehicles lined up with no word on whether they will be completed. Only two years ago, the tiny Think cars (two can fit in a regular parking space) were expected to bring more than 400 jobs to this ailing city and a lifeline to suppliers who once made parts for gas-guzzling recreational vehicles. "We've said we're out to make Indiana the electric vehicle state.
November 20, 2008 | Jim Puzzanghera and Richard Simon, Puzzanghera and Simon are writers in our Washington bureau.
Embattled U.S. automakers added a new entry to their list of troubles Wednesday: executive jet travel. For a second straight day, the chief executives of Detroit's Big Three tried to convince a skeptical Congress that they deserved $25 billion in emergency loans. But that message was nearly drowned out by discussion of their corporate flying habits, and the Senate later scrapped plans for a vote on the loans today -- dimming hopes for a rescue plan this year. The executives from General Motors, Ford and Chrysler insisted that they had gotten serious about producing smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles.
October 25, 2007
REALLY enjoyed the story about Bob Haggstrom's Malibu landscape ["Faking Paradise," Oct. 11]. Cannot understand the negativity from other readers. Haggstrom is creating a wonderful restful place for himself and the wildlife in the area. Has to be better for the environment and less wasteful than grass lawns that consume tons of water, get saturated with harmful fertilizers and require gas-guzzling, noisy mowers and leaf blowers to maintain. Maureen Little Camarillo
June 17, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
In their weekly radio address, Democrats called for a new direction in energy policy, away from gas-guzzling automobiles and reliance on foreign oil. It's widely expected that the Senate will approve some sort of increase in auto fuel economy as part of an energy bill it hopes to finish in the coming weeks. The Senate bill would require automakers to increase the fuel economy of new cars, SUVs and pickups beginning in 2020 to a fleet average of 35 miles per gallon. It currently is 27.
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