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Gasoline Price

May 30, 2012 | By Nancy Rivera Brooks, Los Angeles Times
The road trips of summer are getting cheaper. Pump prices fell in most of the nation, the Energy Department said Tuesday, even in California where the average gasoline price set a record over the Memorial Day weekend. The U.S. average price for a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline dropped 4.5 cents to $3.669, according to the Energy Department's weekly survey of service stations. A year earlier, the average was 12.5 cents higher. The only states posting increases in the latest survey were Washington, up 4.3 cents to $4.299, and Ohio, up three-tenths of a penny to $3.658.
July 10, 1993 | Associated Press
Mayor Yuri Luzhkov raised the price of gasoline 25% in the Russian capital Friday, angering motorists who have endured several sharp increases already this year. The West has urged Russia to raise its fuel prices to world levels, arguing that artificially low energy costs distort the economy and subsidize inefficient factories. At 38 cents a gallon, Russian gasoline is well below Western standards. But the average Russian worker earns the equivalent of $28 a month.
March 10, 1986
Price wars have appeared in a few cities, oil industry analyst Dan Lundberg said. "There's no general retail gasoline price war going on in America, but there are almost a dozen cities in . . . the markets we survey in all 50 states that show exceptional below cost gas price competition," he noted. Lundberg, publisher of an industry newsletter, surveys retail gasoline prices around the nation every two weeks. The latest survey showed the average price at self-serve pumps of leaded regular at 90.
February 23, 1987 | From Associated Press
Gasoline prices across the nation appear poised for a drop after virtually no change was recorded over a two-week period, with the average price for a gallon at just under 93 cents, the Lundberg Survey reported Sunday. "The average price for all grades of gasoline, including taxes, is at 92.95 cents a gallon for Feb. 20, a mere 15-hundredths of a cent higher than Feb. 6," said Trilby Lundberg, publisher of the Lundberg Letter, an oil industry journal.
May 11, 1987 | From Associated Press
Retail gasoline prices edged up nearly one quarter of a penny to 96.56 cents a gallon by the end of last week and may top $1 per gallon as the summer driving season gets in full swing, an industry analyst said Sunday. The latest figure compared to 94 cents a gallon a year earlier, said analyst Trilby Lundberg, whose survey of 13,000 stations nationwide is conducted every two weeks. Last year, the price didn't reach 96.
January 18, 2006 | Elizabeth Douglass, Times Staff Writer
California's average gasoline price jumped nearly 9 cents a gallon in the last week, a federal survey showed Tuesday, continuing a surge that threatens to keep prices high into the peak summer driving season. In New York, crude oil and gasoline futures soared on political tensions in Iran and Nigeria as well as a major outage at a U.S. refinery. Light, sweet crude for February delivery rose $2.39, or 3.7%, to $66.
May 8, 2012 | Ronald D. White
California's streak of seven straight weeks of gasoline price declines has ended because of widespread refinery maintenance shutdowns that have reduced fuel supplies by nearly a third compared with a year ago. In California, the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline was $4.213 a gallon, up 2.7 cents from a week earlier, according to the Energy Department's weekly survey of service stations, released Monday. The U.S. average continued to fall, dropping 4 cents to $3.790 a gallon, the Energy Department survey showed.
April 2, 2003 | Elizabeth Douglass, Times Staff Writer
California's record-high gasoline prices were triggered mainly by in-state production problems and crude oil costs that climbed in advance of the war with Iraq -- not by manipulation by oil companies, according to a probe by the California Energy Commission. The commission's study, to be released today, found that the state gasoline market is ripe for "tacit collusion" among refiners, in which they coordinate their activities indirectly by observing and anticipating the behavior of rivals.
Double-digit increases in the price of gasoline at Ventura County pumps angered consumers Tuesday and prompted a Republican congressman and a Democratic state senator to call for investigations. "We do not have an oil shortage at this point; therefore, these price hikes . . . are unwarranted," said Rep. Robert J. Lagomarsino (R-Ventura), who called for a federal investigation of possible antitrust and price-fixing violations by oil companies. State Sen. Gary K.
October 10, 2012 | By Ronald D. White, Los Angeles Times
For the fourth day in the row, California broke the state's record on gasoline prices, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report. The only good news, analysts said, was that the rise continued to lose momentum Tuesday. According to the AAA, the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in California reached $4.671. That was an increase of just 0.3 cent overnight. The AAA price averages use-sales receipts collected daily from more than 100,000 retail outlets. "It's not over yet," said fuel price specialist Bob van der Valk about the unusual surge that left gasoline prices 48.9 cents higher than they were a week ago. California had the highest prices for gas in the nation, by far. Second place went to Hawaii, whose average for a gallon of regular was 26.4 cents less.
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