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Gay Marriage

March 19, 2013
Re "GOP senator says he now supports same-sex marriage," March 16 Thank you, Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), for waking up to the fact that there are people in this country different from you. This is the exact reason I believe politicians should be required to take a diversity training course like the one educator and activist Jane Elliott teaches to children and adults as documented in the PBS program "A Class Divided. " In fact, go live in the world you are making decisions about before handing down pronouncements about other people's lives.
April 10, 2014 | By Jenny Deam
DENVER - After the courtroom arguments ended, the hundreds of pages of previously filed legal briefs had been read, and the nervous tears of the three couples at the heart of a Utah same-sex marriage case had dried, it came down to one question: Who gets to define matrimony? On Thursday, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver pondered that question in a closely watched case that weighs a state's right to enforce its own laws against the rights of individuals to marry regardless of gender.
February 14, 2012 | By Deborah Netburn
The Valentine's Day Google Doodle is pure sweetness. A one-minute animation, drawn with childlike innocence, it depicts a little boy trying to figure out what to get for his heart's desire - a little girl who jumps rope. He buys her flowers, and chocolates (via Google, of course), but she pays no attention. He tries clothes, and balloons, a pie and a television, a top hat, an old-fashioned submarine helmet, and still she continues to jump rope, oblivious to his overtures. As a last-ditch effort he walks over to her with his own jump rope clutched in his hands and starts to jump rope alongside her. And then -- she stops jumping.
April 7, 2014 | By Michael Hiltzik
In the torrent of debate flowing about Brendan Eich's resignation from Mozilla because of his support of an anti-gay rights ballot proposition (our contribution is here ), not much attention has been paid to the character of the campaign his money helped finance. It's proper to revisit that campaign, which established a new standard for odious political advertising. That's a real achievement, given the deceitful nature of most of the TV campaigns for and against California ballot propositions.  Over at Slate, Mark Joseph Stern has compiled a remembrance , with videos, of the Proposition 8 campaign to which Eich donated $1,000.
March 7, 2012 | By Seema Mehta
Just as President Obama's top campaign advisors are arguing that the prolonged GOP primary is raising controversial issues that will alienate the eventual GOP nominee from independent and swing voters in the fall, Democrats are facing a similar quandary. On Wednesday morning, the chairman of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, called for the party's platform to push for the legalization of gay marriage. That's a position opposed by Obama -- though he's said his views on the issue are "evolving" -- and one that many Democrats ostensibly would not want to have highlighted a few months before the general election.
May 10, 2012 | By Christi Parsons
WASHINGTON -- As he weighed a shift in his public position on gay marriage, perhaps no one had as much influence on President Obama as his wife, Michelle. "This is something that, you know, we've talked about over the years and she, you know, she feels the same way, she feels the same way that I do," Obama told ABC's Robin Roberts on Wednesday. Even as Obama's position was in a state of evolution, White House advisors said, the first lady went out of her way to invite gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual couples to the events she sponsored for military families.
July 6, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
Turns out Brad Pitt's mother doesn't much like at least one of her son's friends, according to a letter she wrote earlier this week knocking President Obama and supporting candidate Mitt Romney. Jane Pitt wrote her letter to the News-Leader in response to another reader's missive suggesting Christians not support Romney for president because of his Mormon faith. In the letter to the Springfield, Mo., paper, she pulled no punches. Urging "prayerful consideration" from fellow Christians as they choose how they'll vote in November, Mama Pitt made the point that a vote against Mormonism -- or no vote at all -- would translate into support for the self-identified pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage incumbent Obama.
March 5, 2009
Re "A lesson in expression," editorial, Feb. 27 I teach political science at Riverside Community College. There are students who would like to forgo the research it takes to understand an issue and instead depend on information they learned at Bible study. This is unacceptable. I have no problem with a student expressing his or her opinion in a class discussion. But if the assignment is to write an informative speech about gay marriage, and the student only factors in a religious argument, he would probably end up with an F in my classroom.
July 14, 2013 | By Emily Alpert
In the middle of the rainbowy revelers at the pride parade in West Hollywood, Jeremy Stacy was questioned: Are you really bisexual? "One guy came up to me and said, 'You're really gay,' " said Stacy, who was standing under a sign reading "Ask a Bisexual. " "I told him I had a long line of ex-girlfriends who would vehemently disagree. And he said, 'That doesn't matter, because I know you're gay.' " Stacy had gotten the question before. From a friend who said anyone who had slept with men must be gay - even if he had also slept with women.
April 21, 2011 | By Peter Nicholas
President Obama's public position has long been that he doesn't support gay marriage. But at a fund-raising event in San Francisco Wednesday night, Obama was talking about how his work is not finished. He said it would take more than one term "for us to finish everything we need to do. " As he was talking about the unfinished work left to do, someone shouted out, "gay marriage!" Obama said--as if that person had just proved his point-- "our work is not finished. " So, is Obama saying gay marriage is part of that 'unfinished business'?
April 7, 2014 | By Charlotte Allen, guest blogger
Hey, gay rights activists: Why are you doing your best to make everyone hate you? I'm talking about the forced resignation of Mozilla Corp. CEO Brendan Eich . Because six years ago as a private citizen -- I repeat, six years ago as a private citizen -- he contributed $1,000 -- I repeat, $1,000 -- to the campaign for Proposition 8 , the approved ballot measure that changed the California Constitution to say that marriage between a man and a woman would be the only kind of marriage that the state would recognize as legal.
April 4, 2014
Re "Seeking souls, not votes," Opinion, April 2 Holy doctrinal evolution! The Southern Baptist Convention's Russell Moore urged conservative evangelicals to shelve ardent efforts to thwart gay marriage and even to push hard for immigration reform. The religious right's reassessment of its regressive political agenda may stem from placing too much blind faith in electing conservative evangelicals. After all, in recent times such politicians - while sermonizing on gay marriage, illegal immigration and more - have wound up favoring wealthy patrons' interests much more than those of their faithful electoral base.
April 4, 2014 | By Michael Hiltzik
Brendan Eich's 10-day reign as CEO of Mozilla, developer of the popular Firefox web browser, ended Thursday. He was done in by the news that he had donated $1,000 in 2008 to support Proposition 8, the anti-gay rights measure on the California ballot that year.  As often happens in periods of social upheaval, the fact and the manner of Eich's departure have occasioned as much discussion as -- maybe more than -- the underlying issue of gay...
April 2, 2014 | Doyle McManus
Only a decade ago, Christian social conservatives were a commanding force in American politics. They helped elect one of their own, George W. Bush, to two terms. They were a cornerstone of a GOP coalition that appeared to hold a permanent electoral majority. But today, the movement has lost its momentum - in part because one of its assets has become a liability. It used to be that when Republicans wanted to increase conservative voter turnout, all they had to do was put same-sex marriage on the ballot.
March 28, 2014 | By Paresh Dave
Gay rights advocates in Michigan cheered Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr.'s announcement Friday that the federal government will recognize about 300 same-sex marriages hastily performed March 22. But the small victory translates to more complications for some newlyweds. After a federal judge struck down the state's gay marriage ban March 21, Deborah Dolney, 28, and her fiancee, Jessie-Mae Secord, 33, seized the opportunity to get married. Four counties opened their offices the next day to issue marriage licenses, and Dolney and Secord were among those in line.
March 28, 2014 | By Henry Chu
LONDON -- Marriage-minded gays and lesbians can begin tying the knot in Britain on Saturday, becoming the latest same-sex couples in Europe and beyond to have the right to do so and fulfilling a dream made possible by a Conservative-led government. A handful of town halls across the country prepared to open at the stroke of midnight to allow nuptials that jubilant supporters called long overdue and opponents deplored as an attack on traditional values. “It's a landmark,” said Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who arranged for rainbow flags to fly over two government offices in London on Friday in celebration.
April 12, 2013 | By Emily Alpert
France is one step closer to allowing couples of the same sex to wed and adopt children after its Senate on Friday approved a landmark bill to legalize gay marriage. Justice Minister Christiane Taubira , a supporter of the bill, said legalizing gay marriage and enshrining adoption rights “is an act of freedom, it is an act of equality, and it is an act of brotherhood” (link in French). “Marriage becomes a universal institution,” she added. Polls have shown that a majority of the French support gay marriage, but are divided on granting adoption rights to partners of the same sex. The Socialist government of President Francois Hollande has backed the “marriage for all” legislation through fervent protests by religious conservatives in the traditionally Roman Catholic country, a split reflected in the 179-to-157 Senate vote.
April 4, 2013
Re "Justices ponder gay marriage," Editorial, April 2 Same-sex marriage has been overpoliticized and over-intellectualized. What we're really addressing is the question of whether there should be a law dictating what marriage is. Laws are generally made to keep bad things from happening to good people. In the case of gay marriage, the opponents say that legalizing same-sex unions will lead to heterosexual marriages being diminished. Those who oppose marriage equality deserve the benefit of the doubt; they should send letters to the Supreme Court documenting the thousands of traditional marriages that have been destroyed by gay marriage.
March 27, 2014 | By Ted Rall
Republican Andy Vidak won an upset victory in last year's special election for a state Senate seat in the San Joaquin Valley. He prevailed despite the Democrats' 22-point advantage in voter registration in the district. How'd he do it? His explanation: "Our message was that common sense has no party lines. " But as The Times' Patrick McGreevy writes, his common sense might also have a lot to do with knowing when to shut up. "He sidestepped gay marriage and some other divisive issues - while taking a moderate approach to immigration," writes McGreevy.
March 21, 2014 | By Paresh Dave
A lesbian couple in Michigan who have lived together for eight years have the right to marry, a federal judge ruled, finding that the state's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. In striking down the ban, U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman became the ninth federal judge to strike down state gay marriage bans in successive cases. Since December, judges in Texas, Utah, Oklahoma and Virginia have found gay marriage bans unconstitutional. "Many Michigan residents have religious convictions whose principles govern the conduct of their daily lives and inform their own viewpoints about marriage," Friedman wrote in his ruling issued late Friday.
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