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Gen Augusto Pinochet

December 16, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
Lawyers argued that South African-born Lord Justice Leonard Hoffmann, who denied retired Chilean Gen. Augusto Pinochet immunity from arrest, was biased because of his ties to Amnesty International. The judge heads Amnesty's fund-raising arm. The House of Lords, Britain's highest court, is being asked to overturn the Lords' own Nov. 25 judgment against Pinochet that opens the way for his extradition to Spain.
March 12, 1991 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Chile marked the first anniversary of its return to civilian rule as President Patricio Aylwin called the transition from the 16 1/2-year regime of Gen. Augusto Pinochet a success. "Democracy is consolidating firmly in Chile, and the military is now dedicated only to its professional functions," Aylwin said in Santiago. He said problems remain, including poverty and "making justice where possible" for human rights violations during the Pinochet years.
August 10, 2000 | From Times Wire Reports
Chilean military commanders warned that putting Gen. Augusto Pinochet on trial could hurt efforts to uncover the fates of people who disappeared during his 17-year rule. The commanders said it would deter soldiers and officers from testifying. The Supreme Court has decided to lift Pinochet's congressional immunity, and the ex-dictator's relatives and lawyers have vowed to fight in court "to demonstrate his innocence."
October 29, 2000 | From Times Wire Reports
Former dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet was hospitalized with pneumonia, the Santiago Military Hospital reported. The hospital said that the 84-year-old former military ruler has pneumonia in his left lung "and will remain at the hospital for the necessary treatment." Security was tight around the hospital in Santiago's fashionable Providencia district. About two hours after Pinochet was admitted, his wife, Lucia Hiriart, was seen leaving the hospital.
September 7, 2000 | From Times Wire Reports
The armed Basque separatist group ETA planned to assassinate Spain's most famous judge, but officials took preventive security measures after receiving a tip from a police informant, a newspaper reported. Judge Baltasar Garzon, best known for seeking to try former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet but who has also led judicial attempts to smash ETA, learned of the plot last week, El Pais said, citing police and court sources.
September 10, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
Rock-throwing protesters clashed with police backed by water cannons and tear gas during a march paying tribute to victims of the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet. The government said 147 people were detained and a police officer was injured in the annual march marking the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 1973, putsch that brought Pinochet to power. It was the first coup-anniversary protest since the former strongman died in December at 91.
January 18, 2000 |
The Spanish government said it had sent to Britain a judge's request that Gen. Augusto Pinochet, 84, undergo new medical tests to determine whether he is truly unfit to stand trial for human rights crimes during his 1973-90 Chilean dictatorship. Judge Baltasar Garzon secured Pinochet's arrest in London in 1998 in an effort to extradite him to Spain for trial. British Home Secretary Jack Straw said last week that he was inclined to send Pinochet home on the basis of the independent tests.
April 18, 1999 | From Times Wire Reports
Chilean ex-dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet, facing extradition to Spain, said that he would fight the charges against him. "I will fight against this extradition with every ounce of my strength," Pinochet told the Sunday Telegraph. "I am innocent of the charges that I have been accused of, and in my capacity as a soldier of Chile and former president, I will fight to defend my honor and integrity and that of my country," he said.
January 27, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Gen. Augusto Pinochet was rushed to a hospital in Santiago, Chile's capital, hours after a retired army general blamed the former dictator for dozens of political killings in 1973. Pinochet, 85, suffered "strong headaches, briefly lost consciousness and has a minor loss of strength in the left side of his body," the Santiago Military Hospital said in a statement, describing symptoms that could suggest a stroke. On Thursday night, retired Gen.
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