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Gender Equality

December 26, 2013 | By Emily Alpert Reyes
Brent Kroeger pores over nasty online comments about stay-at-home dads, wondering if his friends think those things about him. The Rowland Heights father remembers high school classmates laughing when he said he wanted to be a "house husband. " He avoids mentioning it on Facebook. "I don't want other men to look at me like less of a man," Kroeger said. His fears are tied to a bigger phenomenon: The gender revolution has been lopsided. Even as American society has seen sweeping transformations - expanding roles for women, surging tolerance for homosexuality - popular ideas about masculinity seem to have stagnated.
March 16, 2013 | By Mark Magnier, Los Angeles Times
NEW DELHI, India - The gang rape of a 39-year-old Swiss tourist while on a camping trip with her husband has further ratcheted up the spotlight on sexual violence in India. The woman, who had been cycling with her husband in impoverished Madhya Pradesh state in central India, was attacked by at least seven men while the couple were camping for the night, police said Saturday. The assailants also robbed the couple of $180 and a cellphone. The attack comes at a sensitive time for India.
October 22, 2012 | By David Lauter and Christi Parsons, Los Angeles Times
BOCA RATON, Fla. - President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney made their closing appeals to voters in a final debate that featured an unusual reversal of strategy - Obama adopted the typical challenger's stance of underscoring differences, while Romney repeatedly sought to mute them. From the start of the debate, Romney made clear that a chief goal was to answer a question he had left hanging a week ago at the second encounter between the two men: how he differed from George W. Bush.
May 31, 1990
In conjunction with the letters you will receive in response to my commentary on male-bashing, would you please note that I am a member of Priests for Equality and a signer of the Call to Action, two movements which urge a married priesthood and the full inclusion of women in the Roman Catholic ministry. The struggle for gender equality is always two-sided. PATRICK M. ARNOLD, S.J. San Diego
February 14, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
The first female president of a group representing 800 Conservative synagogues took office, expressing hope the organization would play a central role in preserving American Judaism. Judy Yudof, of St. Paul, Minn., leads the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism as the group aims to define its role between the strict Orthodox and more lenient Reform branch. Yudof, 56, said she was pleased that her appointment would draw attention to gender equality.
May 1, 2010 | By Henry Chu, Los Angeles Times
Didier Remy has spent his life so intent on retiring on his 55th birthday that he and his wife even planned their children accordingly, wanting them to be grown by the time he stopped working. So pardon a little indignant hand-waving as he ponders the prospect of Nicolas Sarkozy fouling everything up. If the French president has his way, Remy will find it tough to retire with his full state pension in 2015, as he carefully plotted 20 years ago. "My life was organized around the idea that I'm going to leave work at that age," said Remy, a lifelong employee of France's state-owned railway, whose benefits are the envy of other Frenchmen, never mind long-slogging Americans.
May 21, 2001
Regarding "Joe Six-Pack, Redefined" (May 7): At last, true gender equality has come! Now men can develop the body image neurosis that women have dealt with for years. Instead of having to attain Calista Flockhart-like thinness, we can torture ourselves to make our pathetic paunches match the abs of a guy who makes his living as a belly model. Is there a way I can just get my six-pack surgically enhanced? PETER PENLAND Laguna Beach
August 26, 2005
Re "Nominee's Memos Critical of Gender-Equality Efforts," Aug. 19 If it is a "staggeringly pernicious" idea to pay women as much as men for work that is comparable to that of men, then it is equally staggeringly pernicious to approve the appointment of the bigot John G. Roberts Jr. to the U.S. Supreme Court. President Bush has insulted all women in putting this man forward. MARCIA J. BATES Van Nuys
January 8, 2000 | Reuters
Mexican women, who have long sought gender equality, came a step closer to that goal Friday when the military said they would be allowed to join men in Mexico's military service. Unlike men, however, women's participation will be voluntary, Military Service Director Jesus Rodriguez told a news conference. Women joining the military will be required to attend six-hour training sessions every Saturday. All Mexican men must report for military service when they turn 18.
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