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October 20, 2012 | By Elaine Woo, Los Angeles Times
Stanford Ovshinsky was not a household name like Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein, but he was often compared to them, for good reason. He invented the nickel-metal hydride battery, which has powered high-tech items such as cellphones, laptop computers and hybrid cars. He created paper-thin solar panels potent enough to work on a cloudy day and cheap enough to be produced in sheets a mile long. PHOTOS: Notable deaths of 2012 He founded a whole field of electronics that earned him a mention in dictionaries (see "ovonics")
September 4, 2012
Two decades in the making, “Da Vinci: The Genius - An Inspirational Exhibition” is the most comprehensive exploration of Leonardo da Vinci's works, with 200 pieces, 75 large-scale machines and 11 themed areas dedicated to the different facets of Da Vinci's masterful mind. On display at the Venetian through Oct. 15, admission is $25  - Jamie Wetherbe, Custom Publishing Writer   Da Vinci: The Genius - An Inspirational Exhibition  The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino  702.414.1000  
September 22, 1992
Former President Richard Nixon's unsolicited advice to President Bush ("Nixon to Bush: California Lost, Avoid 'Fanatics,' "Sept. 14) is highly consistent with his unsolicited "endorsement": "I have said many times that the American economy is so strong--it would take a genius to wreck it" (quoted from his book, "In the Arena"). NATHAN JACOBI, Pasadena
September 6, 1997
Let's see. Rick Fox, at $1 million per year, is supposed to take the Lakers to the championship, while Elden Campbell, at $7 million per year, is a backup center. And Jerry West is a confirmed genius. I don't think so. JERRY MOORE Los Angeles
August 1, 1993
KCOP's "13 Real News" should change its name to "13 Insensitive News" for its July 12 reporting of the devastating earthquake in Japan, which left many dead and injured. Ross Becker ended the report, which lasted about two minutes, by casually mentioning that surfers should not be expecting the resulting tsunami caused by the earthquake to reach our shores, as if surfing was the first thing on people's minds after hearing of such a tragedy. KCOP should have gotten its priorities straight and placed the surf report in the weather segment of the news, as other local stations did. Paul Lih Lee, Los Angeles Leno Falls Out of Tree On "The Tonight Show" (NBC)
February 23, 1992
In a letter last Sunday about raunch radio, Hamp Simmons writes that "it doesn't take a genius" to figure out why the religious right hasn't done anything about it: that the main targets of these guys are women, gays and lesbians. I'd say he's half-right--he's no genius. The real reason, I suspect, is that there is so much more to choose from on radio than on TV. While you guys are alternately being entertained or shocked by Mark & Brian or Stern, we are listening to one of the Southland's many Christian stations.
April 29, 1990
Thoughts triggered by Brett Garrett's April 22 letter complaining about CD plastic cases: Garrett showed a total lack of appreciation for the best packaging design the music industry has ever created. The transparent album of the CD is elegantly functional, simple, compact and durable; and best of all, it's uniform from label to label all over the world, a joy to stack, file and find. It doesn't take a genius to make a product cheaper, if no one cares about quality. The object, which has been the genius of the Japanese, is to reduce costs without reducing the quality of the product or its packaging.
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