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George Raveling

July 23, 1994
Regarding those letters in last week's Viewpoint about George Raveling: It is unfortunate that those writers chose to grind their axes into Mr. Raveling after he displayed a good deal of love and loyalty by remaining as USC's basketball coach. His record speaks for itself--four consecutive postseason appearances and a nearly 90% winning percentage at the often-maligned Sports Arena since 1990. As to Bill Walsh's reference to USC as "Yesterday U." someone should remind him of the score of the football game last Nov. 5: Yesterday U. 45, Stanford U. 20. RANDOLPH ZISKIN Los Angeles
June 20, 1992
Danny Robbins' story on June 13 was a reach. Len Elmore did not sign Walt Williams as a client because (Elmore) announces college hoops for CBS, but because: 1) Walt Williams and Elmore have something in common--both starred at Maryland. 2) Harold Miner and Elmore have something in common: George Raveling. George, as a Maryland assistant in the early 1970s, camped out at Elmore's front door and signed him as a recruit. Years later, Raveling recommended Elmore to Miner. TODD COHEN Manhattan Beach
February 16, 1991
I am delighted to see George Raveling finally get his share of the ink in L.A. Those who have followed his career, even from his days at Villanova, knew that it was only a matter of time when he would succeed at USC. In reality, of course, he has been succeeding all along as far as quiding his "kids." He is a breath of fresh air to the sports celebrity scene in this town. He is articulate, caring, and doesn't take himself too seriously. EDWIN P. SCANLAN Ojai
November 19, 1986 | MAL FLORENCE
George Raveling will make his debut as USC's basketball coach tonight when the Trojans play Poland's national team in an exhibition game at Chapman College in Orange. The game will start at 7:30 p.m. and will be preceded at 6 by a game featuring alumni teams coached by former USC Coach Bob Boyd and his longtime assistant, Jim Hefner.
May 10, 1986
George Raveling is just who USC needs, now that the football program begins to face life without probation. He can compensate for the loss of probation. He can keep a cloud over USC athletics simply by continuing to demonstrate his lack of guts and class. I'm surprised "Big George" took the time to compose letters for the three freshmen and handpick someone else to deliver them. George was out of town. A simple message left on his answering machine would have seemed more in character.
April 22, 1986 | MAL FLORENCE
Rich Grande, a freshman who shared the point guard position last season with senior Larry Friend, said Monday night that he has told USC basketball Coach George Raveling that he wants to play for the Trojans next season. Three other freshmen, Tom Lewis, Bo Kimble and Hank Gathers, haven't made a commitment whether they'll remain at USC or transfer to another school.
December 3, 1994
Here's one USC basketball fan who was happy to see George Raveling go. George took over a promising program and proceeded to go 115-118, despite schedules full of Houston Baptists and Tennessee Martins. Other than a few bright spots courtesy of Harold Miner and an ability to beat UCLA, he accomplished virtually nothing. There's no doubt he's a heck of a guy, but as a basketball coach he left a lot to be desired. I'm sure fans at Iowa and Washington State would agree. ROB OSBORNE Redondo Beach
May 3, 1986
I would like to congratulate George Raveling on handling his three "star freshmen" the way he did. It took a lot of courage for a new head coach to put his foot down and treat them like the little boys they tried so hard to be. I have now become a born-again Trojan fan. It looks as though they will finally get to decide just who their coach will be, after all. LES SAMUELSON Long Beach
February 19, 1994
George Raveling is absolutely correct, he has the same group of people that had a 7-2 record prior to Pac-10 play (Feb. 10). This is certainly not any accomplishment he should advertise. Perhaps he can review the schedule that made him 7-2. If he could reschedule the same teams for the balance of the season, he would end up 14-4. Let's face it, the Trojans should forget about this season. They got beat by 30 by Washington State and 29 by UCLA. Something I'm sure Mr. Raveling is proud of. FRANK CALIRI SR. Whittier
April 2, 1987
The Times' 1987 Glendale boys and girls all-star basketball teams will be announced in next Thursday's edition. All players will be invited to The Times High School Basketball Awards brunch at 9 a.m. April 12 at the Anaheim Hilton, 777 Convention Way. Each will receive a trophy and certificate. The player and coach of the year for each of The Times' 10 circulation areas will be announced.
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