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George Wood

September 9, 1995
Re: "Christian College Challenges Rule" [Sept. 1]: The new rule forbidding football players from kneeling in prayer after a touchdown is a good one because it prevents the favoring of offensive players. Most linemen and defensive players spend their entire careers without scoring a touchdown. If we are to have personal religious displays by those who carry the ball, then those non-carrying players should also have their moment to kneel in thanks for having made a great block or tackle.
March 10, 1994
The usual justification for allowing street-corner, illegal alien day laborers is that they take jobs Americans don't want ("Toil and Trouble," March 6). Well, the jobs now going to illegal aliens are the same jobs that put me through high school and college. I worked as a laborer, busboy, farm worker, and other low-paying positions, and I was happy to have them. These entry-level jobs are now filled by adult illegals who work for random wages below the American scale. By returning illegal aliens back to their own countries, we will make these jobs again available to our jobless, frustrated youth.
June 4, 1997
Re "Out of the Mouths of Babes" (May 27): Laura Angelica Simon, who legally immigrated into the United States at age 6, is a true example of self-attainment under our school system. However, she is very wrong to use her U.S.-financed education for the purpose of supporting the education of children from other countries with U.S. tax money. GEORGE WOOD Malibu Kudos to Laura Simon. What an inspiration she is. She proves that Proposition 187 is a disaster. Think how much Latino talent is wasted, how much potential is unrealized because of discrimination.
May 8, 1999
I am completely baffled by the contradictions in Bill Plaschke's attitude. In the May 3 paper, he deplored the disappearance of humble legends like Elway and Gretzky, and the emergence of "tattooed instant superstars." And yet, every time he writes about the Lakers and the Jazz, he always paints the Jazz as "cheaters," "crybabies" and all-around "bad sports." The Lakers he praises as great young talent just trying to get a break. I suggest he take a look at Utah's Stockton, Hornacek, Bailey and Malone--humble, non-tattooed guys who have paid their dues, and compare them to the L.A.'s "instant superstars" Shaq, Kobe, Rice, Fox, etc. Where are his loud lamentations when it comes to what's happening in his own backyard?
September 19, 1999
Re "Kansans, Evolution Coexist Tenuously," Sept. 12: The Kansas Board of Education is right to delete testing on evolution. It seems to be a hypothesis unable to gather sufficient evidence to advance to the status of theory, much less fact, and unlike other scientific theories, has no proven predictive power whatsoever. Even as plausible theory, it stands alone in science. It can't be tested. It can't be proven. It has no practical application. Yet it can't be denied. At the urging of the National Academy of Sciences it is presented in the schools and the media as if it were fact better proven than any other scientific theory.
January 16, 2000
Re: "For Women, the Game Is Afoot" (Jan. 10), to 15-year-old hunter Sarah Salukas, who says: "A lot of people are surprised when they learn I hunt deer, but no one has been negative about it." I say: Perhaps you haven't talked to the right people--like myself, who is disgusted, horrified and appalled that a young person would amuse herself by killing. To murder a young, healthy deer whose only crime is to be in the path of Sarah's arrow is obscene, criminal, totally unethical and a mockery of philosophical, religious, moral and just plain humane values.
Five men, including three Air Force sergeants, were arrested Tuesday and seven dogs were recovered from an illegal pit bulldog fighting ring, authorities said. Frederick Tate, 23, George Wood, 31, and Russell Joyner, 32, all staff sergeants at Edwards Air Force Base, were arrested on suspicion of cruelty to animals, said Sgt. Patrick Hunter of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
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