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Georgia Frontiere

February 4, 1995
The San Diego Chargers now have the awesome responsibility of living up to AFC expectations: Can they get to and lose the next three Super Bowls? FRED LEICHTER Los Angeles Thank you, Bill Plaschke, for your very funny analysis of the strengths of San Diego and the "weaknesses" of the 49ers. Your predictive skills could use a little tuning. However, it is nice to know that there is someone in this town who understands pro football even less than Al Davis and my 83-year-old grandmother.
January 1, 2000
Was Chris Dufresne drinking before his "Last Call" [Dec. 27]. As far as worst trades in L.A. sports history go, how is trading a disgruntled Eric Dickerson, who just told John Robinson to run 47-gap, worse than the Dodgers trading away the best catcher in history in Mike Piazza? Was there a sadder moment than watching O.J. Simpson's slow-speed chase and subsequent arrest in the murder of his wife Nicole? As far as most embarrassing moments go, how about the Clippers' three-point quarter against the Lakers just a few weeks ago?
January 15, 1994
After more than a decade of bonehead decisions made under Georgia Frontiere's reign, we have a team that reflects to a T her ineptness as an owner and a human being--little heart, no character and a propensity to adopt her lifelong philosophy: When the going gets tough, escape to greener pastures. Good riddance. DANA MERINO Studio City I find it interesting that the Rams wish to explore the economic viability of remaining in Anaheim because more-recently designed stadiums provide better revenue prospects than Anaheim Stadium.
May 28, 1994
The writers of this letter have been longtime Ram fans and season ticket-holders. We have watched a team rich with history, pride and leadership descend to a level of selfish disarray under the ownership of Georgia Frontiere and parsimony of John Shaw. We speak for a much larger group of Ram fans who still live and die with and support the team but who have had their enthusiasm and pride stripped away. There is no joy in being a Ram fan anymore. The fans of Baltimore and St. Louis are understandably filled with great expectation and hope.
November 7, 1987
The Rams were once a tremendous football organization, dedicated to winning a Super Bowl championship. That was before Georgia Frontiere took over. In the eight seasons that Carroll Rosenbloom ran the team, the Rams placed first seven times, were in the NFC championship games five times, the Super Bowl once, and could have made it several more times with some breaks. Since Georgia took over, however, except to mention her dedication to a championship in the Ram media guide, her only dedication has been to making a lot of money.
November 13, 1993
The Rams are so inept they can't even pull off a decent quarterback controversy. DANA MERINO Studio City I read that the Rams are starting Jim Everett on Sunday and now are going to make a run at the playoffs. I'm a little confused. What were they trying to do in the first half? In truth, I'm scared to find out. JASON BARRY Los Angeles Dear City of Baltimore, If the Los Angeles Rams move to Baltimore, your city will still be known as a city without an NFL franchise.
January 29, 2000
Reading Bill Plaschke's disturbing piece ["A Crying Shame," Jan. 26] made painfully clear what a sick society we inhabit. The double standard that exists in sports allows a spoiled brat like Leonard Little to kill someone while driving drunk and not even complete a 90-nights jail sentence--surely a joke to begin with. Adding insult to injury, the Ram linebacker can't even muster the guts to apologize and offer his condolences to Bill Gutweiler and what remains of his family. Even if the Rams beat Tennessee in the Super Bowl, Little will remain a big-time loser.
Ram owner Georgia Frontiere said Monday she wants her team to play in the NFL exhibition game against the Chicago Bears scheduled for Aug. 3 at London. Now if only she can convince the NFL. "I've always been a league person, so I don't ever try to do anything that's going to be out of line or scream too loud, or anything," Frontiere said. "But I really feel like this is my game." Frontiere said she hopes to receive a decision from the league by week's end.
August 9, 1999
Re "NFL Move Apparently Dooms L.A. as Site for New Fcouldn't be happier that the deal to bring an NFL expansion team to Los Angeles is on the rocks. If the league and owners don't want to enter the nation's second largest media market without substantial public subsidies, let them go to Houston. Los Angeles doesn't need a pro football team to provide an identity, much less to promote a sense of community. Now the challenge for the city and the state is to reestablish Memorial Coliseum as a premier sports stadium in a manner sympathetic to its architecture and history (that is, not surrounded by multilevel parking garages)
April 15, 1995
In regard to Friday's article on the St. Louis Rams, you quoted George Frontiere as saying: "I feel like I've fallen into a honey pot." I reply, dear Georgia, you've been in the honey pot for some time. But just do me a favor and stay in your back yard and don't stink up mine. LORI McCALLEY Orange John (Shaw) and Georgia have ripped out the hearts of thousands of loyal fans who were there win or lose. John and Georgia are on the same low level as (Robert) Irsay and (Al)
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