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Geraldo Rivera

May 29, 1988
Geraldo Rivera recently hosted a special on murder. I watched the program because I was curious and fearful of the subject. In the previews and his initial monologue, Rivera stressed how murderers were made famous, while their victims were forgotten. However, he concentrated almost his entire show on the murderers. It was totally clear that Rivera had little concern for the victims. There was no justice given to the victims of crime by this show, and the only true victims were the viewers.
November 12, 1988
Geraldo Rivera should be stopped from airing his program. He really deserved that broken nose he received, since it caused so much destruction and hatred and violence. Isn't there enough of that going on in our society without encouraging more? How could any sane person sit there and watch such an outrageous program? What is going on in our world today? Where do we draw the line? Yes, I know I have an on-and-off switch on my TV, but encouraging this type of programming is hideous.
October 23, 1988 | Peter H. Brown
During their famous prison interview last spring did Charles Manson call for satanists to murder Geraldo Rivera? And did the interview inspire the journalist's latest TV special, "Devil Worship: Exposing Satan's Underground "? The program, which airs Tuesday from 8 to 10 p.m. on NBC, marks Rivera's return to the networks.
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