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Germaine Greer

April 8, 1990 | Nancy Mairs, Mairs' memoir, "Remembering the Bone House," has recently been issued in paperback by Harper & Row. and
"The Quest," Germaine Greer titles the opening chapter of "Daddy, We Hardly Knew You," a memoir of her search for her father's past begun after his death in 1983, as if to lift her pursuit to mythic heights. But the premise of the heroic quest is that its object possesses unique, often mysterious, even sacred, value, capable of transforming at least the searcher and generally the wider world as well.
May 6, 1988 | LARRY PRYOR
Feminist Germaine Greer, who lives on a farm in England, believes that British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher gives women politicians a bad name. Writing in the May-June issue of Lear's magazine, Greer said Thatcher has become the "heroine of every disaster" and gave this description of Thatcher's tour of the scene of last year's London subway fire: "Surrounded by a phalanx of suited men, she stepped delicately through the wreckage.
November 26, 1987 | IRIS KRASNOW, United Press International
Weeks before her 49th birthday, Germaine Greer is in old fighting form--tall and taunting and outrageous. The author whose 1969 book "The Female Eunuch" embodied, and propelled, the feminist rebirth believes that despite years of talk about Liberated Womanhood no such species exists. "Professional women may be getting a better deal, but women in general are actually doing worse than they were doing 20 years ago," says Greer.
September 6, 1987 | Bridget Connelly
This book of essays spans the career of one of the founding mothers of the contemporary feminist movement--a matriarch lately deemed "anti-feminist" or at best a member of the "conservative, pro-family" breed of feminists like the latter-day Betty Friedan. Brilliant, witty, entertaining, incisive, always informed, the essays cover the diverse topics that are the history of the women's movement and our contemporary world. Greer's range is enormous.
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