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German Army

May 5, 1987 | Associated Press
Two East German army conscripts climbed over the Berlin Wall on Monday, dodging bullets to arrive unharmed in the West, officials said. West Berlin officials said it was not clear whether the East German guards fired at the two men or fired warning shots. West Berlin Senate spokesman Winfried Fest said the pair, aged 23 and 26, escaped one day before they were to be inducted into the army. He declined to release their names.
February 5, 1987 | From Reuters
A West German army cadet was sentenced to life imprisonment Wednesday for killing a night watchman to get an advance look at examination papers for his military academy. Uwe Helling, 22, was found guilty of stabbing the 45-year-old watchman to death at the Munich academy on Feb. 5, 1986, so he could steal the keys to a room where the papers were stored. Helling denied the killing.
July 2, 1986 | From Reuters
The United States will be represented at next Tuesday's inauguration of Kurt Waldheim as president of Austria by the No. 2 official at the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, the State Department said today. A spokesman said the Embassy had been invited to attend the installation of Waldheim, who has been linked by Jewish groups with war crimes while serving with the German army in World War II.
June 19, 1986 | From Times Wire Services
The World Jewish Congress released a German army document Wednesday that appears to show that Kurt Waldheim, Austria's president-elect, was aware of the slaughter of women, children and other innocents in Greece during World War II. The document, a captured 1944 intelligence report found in the National Archives, was the first released by the New York-based group since Waldheim, former secretary general of the United Nations, won the Austrian presidency in a June 8 runoff election with 53.
June 10, 1986 | MICHAEL ROSS, Times Staff Writer
A second witness said Monday that he believes Austrian President-elect Kurt Waldheim was the officer in charge of a German army unit that rounded up Jews and confiscated their valuables before they were deported to Auschwitz from a Greek village in 1944.
June 7, 1986 | STANLEY MEISLER, Times Staff Writer
The French government released its file on the World War II army service of Austrian presidential candidate Kurt Waldheim on Friday but did not explain why it had compiled the record in 1979 when Waldheim was still secretary general of the United Nations.
April 7, 1986
Kurt Waldheim, the former secretary general of the United Nations who is now a candidate for president of Austria, continues to dismiss as unfounded smears all allegations about his possible association with World War II atrocities that were committed by the German army in the Balkans. But his denials and airy attempts to shrug off the charges--"And if it were true, well, so what?"--have been less than persuasive.
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