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Girlie Men

April 18, 2012 | George Skelton, Capitol Journal
SACRAMENTO - Surely it was just a casual throwaway line. Regardless, Gov. Jerry Brown deserves to have it thrown back at him. There are too many things that rub wrong - even rankle - about the governor scolding the Legislature to "man up" and cut state services. First, unlike when Brown was governor the first time in the '70s, the Legislature today is 28% female. (Back then, 8% tops.) Are the women of the Legislature supposed to man up too? Just a throwaway thought. Second, there seems to be something inappropriate about proclaiming that it's manly to cut services for the politically weak: poor welfare moms striving to become self-sufficient and old disabled people who need help at home so they can avoid costly nursing homes.
July 5, 1996 | BILL PRESS, Bill Press, former chairman of the California Democratic Party, is the new co-host of CNN's "Crossfire."
They did it again! For all their supposed political genius, they got it wrong. All those high-paid, high-profile inside-the-Beltway political journalists missed the point of ex-FBI agent Gary Aldrich's new book "Unlimited Access." It only marginally touches on alleged misdeeds by Bill Clinton. That's not what the book is all about. This is not about political war. This is about cultural war. About the generation gap.
December 31, 2004
Re "Partisanship Back in Play at Capitol," Dec. 27: "Back in play," implying that it had been absent? During which time our governor toured the state, calling legislators "girlie men" when these folks did their job of checking and balancing the executive branch? During which time he industriously handed out appointments and promised contracts to those who had not opposed him? If the last nine months haven't been partisan, what will things look like once partisanship arrives? Karen Greenbaum-Maya Claremont
July 20, 2004
Re "Gov. Criticizes Legislators as 'Girlie Men,' " July 18: Celebrity Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is finding out that state legislators whom he labels as "girlie men" are not gofers on a movie set who are intimidated by star power. Threatening lawmakers, calling them names and flexing his muscles will not move men of principle. State legislators are elected to safeguard the best interest of their constituents, not to rubber-stamp everything that serves the governor's purpose. Schwarzenegger should take a crash course in government; he might find that diplomacy will twist more arms than his muscle ever will.
July 19, 2004 | Jordan rau, Times Staff Writer
Wrapping up his weekend blitz through three swing legislative districts, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger condemned lawmakers Sunday for "acting like children" but passed up an opportunity to fault the state Senate's most vulnerable Democratic incumbent on his home turf. The governor prepared to return to Sacramento to resume negotiations over the stalled state budget, with only a week before two significant deadlines.
September 15, 2004 | From Reuters
You can forget about "fahgeddaboutit!" as far as television catch phrases are concerned. According to a new list of top television buzzwords, the favorite expression from "The Sopranos" is so yesterday that it has been replaced by several new phrases from this past TV season, including Donald Trump's message to losers on "The Apprentice": "You're fired!" Trump's famed dismissal topped the TV buzzword list for the 2003-04 season by Global Language Monitor (www.LanguageMonitor.
August 7, 2004 | Zeke Minaya, Times Staff Writer
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, appearing on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on Friday, downplayed his idea of creating a part-time Legislature. "It's just something I mentioned; it's just an idea," Schwarzenegger said. "It's an issue I'll address later on." The governor recently said he would call for a special election to let voters decide whether the jobs of state senator and Assembly member should be part time.
August 15, 2005
Re "Tabloid's Deal With Woman Shielded Schwarzenegger," Aug. 12 Since the out-of-town lefties took over The Times, the editorial page has featured an almost daily assault on every Republican or conservative in sight. Friday, however, that editorial policy moved to the front page in the form of a gossip column item about some alleged dalliance of Arnold Schwarzenegger years before he became governor. Who cares? This is of import only if it happens in a taxpayer-supported office or official residence -- as in the case of President Clinton -- and it has no place on the front page of what purports to be a major national newspaper.
August 10, 2004
Professor Sherry Bebich Jeffe offers an enlightening longitudinal perspective on the need for a full-time, professional California Legislature ("A History Lesson on Part-Time Lawmaking," Opinion Aug. 8 ). What's more, in an age of gubernatorial recalls, judicial selection of a U.S. president and a mendacious war perpetrated by the executive branch of our national government, it is no time to weaken the lawmaking component of our state or federal tripartite structure. After all, it is these representatives who are most accountable to the citizenry in our democracy.
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