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Gloria Steinem

April 3, 2014 | By Robin Abcarian
Has feminism made women miserable? Oh God, are we really having this discussion? Yes, we are. That, in fact, was the gist of an all-female panel discussion at the conservative Heritage Foundation which chose to "celebrate" Women's History Month last week by inviting a trio of professional women to trash the very movement to which they most assuredly owe their status in the workplace. Not to mention the respect they are accorded by formerly male-dominated political bastions like the, um, Heritage Foundation.
February 25, 1985 | JAY SHARBUTT, Times Staff Writer
When ABC airs "A Bunny's Tale" at 9 tonight, the network will include a disclaimer saying that the TV movie, based on feminist Gloria Steinem's article about her experiences posing as a Playboy Club cocktail waitress in 1963, is a "dramatization." ABC said that the advisory isn't running because of any complaint by Hugh Hefner, head of the Playboy empire, or because of the recent controversy over so-called "docudramas," such as CBS' "The Atlanta Child Murders," which meld fact with fiction.
December 1, 1990
Renate Rubinstein, 61, a Dutch journalist and activist likened to such American feminists as Gloria Steinem. She became popular in The Netherlands for her essays on the status of women and the debate over the treatment of Dutch Jews during World War II. She was such a presence in Dutch culture that she was chosen to deliver a major address before Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus at the televised commemoration of Netherlands Liberation Day on May 5, 1988.
June 17, 1996 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Two dozen gay and lesbian couples exchanged vows and rings at a "wed-in" in symbolic ceremonies in New York City attended by hundreds of activists fighting for legalized same-sex marriages. Gloria Steinem called the fight for same-sex marriage inseparable from the pro-choice and feminist movement. "We are talking about the right of all individuals to form committed, loving, nurturing relationships," she said. Roy Strickland, 78, and William Wynkoop, 80, were among the couples to "wed."
February 14, 2007 | Reed Johnson, Times Staff Writer
When they began shooting "Bordertown," the new Jennifer Lopez film about the hundreds of murdered women of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, director Gregory Nava and executive producer Barbara Martinez Jitner expected that their movie would stir up strong reactions. Already, they allege, those reactions have included death threats against Nava and the cast, stolen equipment and intimidation of a film crew member during shooting in Mexico.
With the May sweeps here, the three networks have crammed Sunday night full of competing, high-profile specials. Both NBC and ABC unveil their latest miniseries extravaganzas at 9 p.m., with Joe Cortese starring in the science-fiction thriller "Something Is Out There" on NBC, and Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith traversing the globe in a big-budget adaptation of Robert Ludlum's best-selling novel "The Bourne Identity" on ABC. CBS (Sunday at 9 p.m.
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