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July 22, 2012 | By Yvonne Villarreal and Joy Press, Los Angeles Times
The summer TV press tour where networks promote their upcoming programming kicked off over the weekend at the Beverly Hilton with PBS presenting first - and that meant one thing: a lot of happy discussion about its big hit,"Downton Abbey. " Still beaming Saturday with an Emmy glow - the show took up residence in the drama category, receiving 16 nominations - a few of the actors from the popular British series, including newcomer Shirley MacLaine, took the stage and reflected on the show's somewhat surprising new fame.
July 12, 2012 | Bill Plaschke
Fittingly, the most chilling part of Louis J. Freeh's lengthy condemnation of Penn State University and its legendary football coach Joe Paterno involves two men more fearful of a football program than a child molester. According to the 267-page internal report released Thursday, in the fall of 2000, two janitors spotted former longtime Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky behaving inappropriately with a young boy in the campus showers. The men said they didn't to go to police because they were afraid that Paterno would order them fired.
June 20, 2012 | David Wharton
His new legs arrived on a Saturday in late summer. They were made of carbon fiber, glossy and sleek and shaped like boomerangs. Standing on them for the first time, Blake Leeper tested their flex. Just like the real thing, he thought, so alive. "I was scared," he says. All his life, Leeper had worn what amputees call "walking legs," which are built sturdy for getting around but are not so great for running or jumping. Those legs had carried him through countless basketball and baseball games, from youth leagues to high school.
June 8, 2012 | By Diane Pucin
ST. LOUIS - Nastia Liukin fidgeted as she waited her turn Wednesday to do a practice run-through on the balance beam. She hopped from foot to foot, glanced at her father and coach, Valeri Liukin, then looked to the floor. Then the hopping would start again. Liukin, the reigning Olympic all-around champion who has five Olympic medals and nine world-championship medals, has to prove herself again. As the Visa Classic U.S. national championships began here Thursday, Liukin's reputation and past results meant nothing for U.S. women's team coordinator Martha Karolyi.
June 1, 2012
'For Greater Glory' MPAA rating: R for war violence and some disturbing images Running time: 2 hours, 23 minutes Playing: In general release
May 17, 2012 | By Timothy Garton Ash
When Germany'schancellor, Hannelore Kraft, met France's president, Francois Hollande, in a sunny Berlin earlier this week, they agreed on a compelling strategy to save the Eurozone. With no elections due in any Eurozone country for the next two years, they were able to stretch the austerity timeline for Greece, Spain and Italy, add some elements of growth stimulus but also keep up the essential pressure for fiscal discipline and structural reform. As a result, even devastated Greece began to glimpse light at the end of the tunnel.
May 16, 2012 | By Matt Donnelly
Looks as if Jennifer Lopez really will dance again - right to the top of Forbes magazine's annual Celebrity 100. In what the magazine calls a career "reincarnation," Lopez has taken the No. 1 spot on the annual ranking of the most powerful stars, judged by net worth, cultural impact, social media reach and more. And, yeah, things had looked pretty grim there for a minute: Think back to her days of movie flops like 2007's "El Cantante" and the preceding lackluster musical effort "Brave.
April 29, 2012 | By Alice Short, Los Angeles Times
VIENNA - The Hotel Sacher will never be mistaken for a hip hotel. The elaborate gilt trim in public rooms, the old-school celebrity photos that adorn the walls and the tourists in line to sample Sacher torte - all evidence that guests are unlikely to think of Philippe Starck or Shawn Hausman as they explore the place. What's more, everything about the hotel is expensive - overpriced some might say. It's easy to imagine the Sacher's halcyon days are over. And yet. The fin de siècle charm of the place is undeniable.
April 28, 2012 | By Patt Morrison, Los Angeles Times
In 1997, Dominick Dunne wrote a book whose title has stuck with me, although not for the reasons Dunne intended when he crafted his gossipy novel about the O.J. Simpson case. His title, "Another City, Not My Own," summed up how I had felt in 1992 when my own Los Angeles was suddenly a stranger to me. To live in Los Angeles during the riots was like waking up and seeing your own room through a distorting lens. You recognized the place, but something didn't look right. That was La Brea Boulevard on TV, all right - but the shop windows were shattered.
April 18, 2012 | By Tiffany Hsu
Is it the Doritos Difference? A breakfast-based boost? The days of slumping sales seem to be over for tortured Taco Bell, which helped owner Yum Brands Inc. haul in a 73% income increase in the first quarter. The Mexican-style fast-food chain appears to have emerged from a miserable 2011, during which a controversy over its seasoned beef filling caused it to freely shed customers. Executives quickly rolled out initiative after initiative: Brand new breakfast offerings. Doritos Locos Tacos.
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