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May 11, 1993 | DEBRA GENDEL
Looking more like a redheaded cheerleader from the '50s than a "Sex" goddess, Madonna watched the Lakers lose to the Suns at the Forum Thursday night in her new girlish persona--little makeup and soft hair. What gives? Suggests one style watcher: "The blonde strumpet thing is hard when you're 35." But perhaps Madonna, who has told friends how much she'd like a baby, is auditioning for the part of motherhood, forgoing Gaultier bustiers and platinum locks.
December 3, 1988
ABC's "War and Remembrance" was probably the best dramatic presentation seen on television in a long, long time. Yet Jay Sharbutt's Nov. 29 article, " 'War' Proves a Ratings Misfire," pointed out the sad fact that it was well behind in the ratings, with shows like Vanna White's TV feature debut, "Goddess of Love," and "The Cosby Show" significantly outdrawing it. This is a devastating commentary on the vapid tastes of the American public and...
November 19, 1988 | STEVE WEINSTEIN
People magazine superstars Vanna White and Brooke Shields hope to siphon off some of the audience from ABC's ongoing mega-series "War and Remembrance" Sunday night. White makes her acting debut as Venus, "The Goddess of Love." This frivolous fantasy about the Greek goddess suddenly come to life in 1988 also stars Little Richard, David Leisure, David Naughton and Amanda Bearse. It airs at 9 p.m. on Channels 4, 36 and 39.
January 7, 2007
Re "The Getty's troubled goddess," Jan. 3 The article on the Getty Museum's Cult Statue of a Goddess underscores how new information can change assumptions about the provenance of antiquities. The statue was acquired based on information available at the time. The Italian government was notified and the statue was placed on public display. Italy only made a request for return of the statue last year. Our research into the Cult Statue has involved art historical research, a review of documents and opinions from museum professionals.
October 30, 2012 | By Deborah Vankin
An ancient Egyptian sculpture, standing just a little more than 2 feet high, made big waves at Christie's last week. A sandstone statue of the goddess Isis set the world record for an ancient Egyptian artwork, selling for a whopping $5,934,430. London sculpture dealer Daniel Katz purchased the Isis statue for his private collection. In her day, Isis was looked upon as a protector of the dead and goddess of children.  The statue -- which hails from the Late Period Dynasty, circa 664-525 BC -- is thought to have been used for healing purposes.
November 7, 2008 | associated press
Ever wonder how a gladiator fight looked from the front row of the Colosseum in Rome? "Rewind Rome," a 3-D simulation presented Thursday in a theater a few steps from the ruined arena, offers visitors the chance to experience daily life in the ancient capital. Virtual tourists will see the simulation on a giant screen and animated characters will guide them through the streets of Rome as they appeared in AD 310. Some of the reconstructed monuments include the Forum, ancient Rome's center of power, and the temple of Vesta, where visitors will spy on a secret rite dedicated to the pagan goddess.
June 23, 2001
Cliff Rothman's article about the lasting legacy of Marilyn Monroe brings up some interesting points ("Marilyn Monroe's Image Shifts Right Along With the Times," June 15). Yes, Monroe did achieve success not only as a sex symbol but as an actress as well. And it's true that some of her films showed signs of a talented comedienne, which belied her reputation as a one-note blond bombshell. However, one shouldn't overlook the fact that there was quite a bit of filler in her all-too-brief career, one that was clearly on the wane at the time of her death.
February 17, 1985 | SHARON DIRLAM, Times Staff Writer
The little goat scampered about the yard, chased happily by a young boy who sprinkled the animal with water. A man in orange robes sharpened a large ceremonial cleaver against a leather strop. Suddenly a man looped a rope around the goat's neck, its legs were seized by another man, the cleaver flashed in the sunlight and chop! The goat's head rolled in one direction and the body in another. The children clapped their hands and the onlookers outside the gate turned away.
April 25, 1986 | MARY LOU LOPER, Times Staff Writer
Usually, Marlborough School for girls reaches to the outside for its graduation speakers. But it has one of its own graduates at commencement exercises June 5. Donna Frame Tuttle, Class of 1965, and the undersecretary of commerce for travel and tourism, will address the white-gowned group of 86. It's Marlborough's 97th graduation. The speaker's husband, Robert H.
October 31, 1987 | CAROL McGRAW, Times Staff Writer
When it comes to witchcraft--the real stuff, not the ersatz Halloween variety--Orange County takes a back seat to such hotbeds as Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. "It's a more conservative area," said one of the county's leading witches, who writes under the pseudonym of Ed Fitch and lives in Westminster. The author of "Magical Rituals from the Crystal Well" (Llewellyn Publications, Minneapolis, Minn.
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