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June 18, 2001
I think the forays by distinguished visitors into the cages with the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo should be continued ("Editor Released After Being Bitten at Zoo," June 14). After all, the animals are also entitled to gourmet food. Milton Tynan Beverly Hills
December 20, 1987 | Associated Press
About 200 unemployed young people invaded one of the city's most luxurious gourmet stores Saturday to demand public assistance and jobs. The protesters knocked over tins of imported Christmas cookies and threatened fragile jars of caviar in the century-old Fauchon on the Place Madeleine. "They entered through all the doors at once. We thought we were under attack," said manager Rene Cordanie. "We represent wealth and these youngsters are Communists. What are you going to do?"
April 12, 1990
A $2 cup of cappuccino and a million-dollar view can be found at Lorenzoni's in Ventura Harbor Village. Looking out over a sailboat-filled marina with rolling hills in the background makes for a nice break from the daily grind. It offers beverages and an assortment of gourmet takeout sandwiches and desserts. Lorenzoni's is at 1575 Spinnaker Drive, No. 104, Ventura, 658-2228.
December 27, 2009 | From The Los Angeles Times
BRITAIN Warmth in Bath Alan and Brenda Willey are gracious hosts who maintain three spotless, fresh and modern rooms with a gourmet English breakfast. Walking distance to most sights. Town House, 7 Bennett St., Bath, BA12QJ; 011-44-1225-422-505, www.thetownhouse. Rooms from about $150. -- Dennis and Diane Damon, Vista
December 19, 1996
An outstanding example of the cookbook genre you wrote about ("A Pilgrim's Progress," Dec. 19) (and covering an area of the world in which you seem to be particularly interested) is Samuel Chamberlain's "Italian Bouquet--An Epicurean Tour of Italy," first published in 1958 by Gourmet Distributing Co. I don't know if it's a cookbook or a travel book. It's served me marvelously as both. Bon appetit. MICHAEL LAURENCE Sherman Oaks
July 28, 2011
If the heights of salsa for you are the blood-colored slurries served between beers at sporting events, you're doing it wrong. The Oxnard Salsa Festival will showcase a bevy of spicy gourmet foodstuffs, live salsa bands and plenty of occasions to fan your mouth and hunt for a water jug. Plaza Park, downtown Oxnard. 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Sat.-Sun. Free.
December 7, 1995
In your "Food Safety Primer" (Nov. 24), you recommend placing recently purchased canned goods behind those purchased previously. For folks with limited or haphazard pantry-shelf space, it is much easier to keep a capped marker on the shelf and to mark the date on the can before storing it. Of course, it can be embarrassing when a nosy kid discovers a can of extra-long gourmet string beans marked "11/84," because you've been saving it for "something special."...
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