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July 6, 2011 | By Rick Rojas, Los Angeles Times
The bright blue afternoon sky matched the gowns that billowed as students made the long walk — four at a time — around the Locke High School football field. They lined up behind the stage to receive their diplomas. Photos: 'Original' Locke students graduate Raquel Michel managed not to shed a single tear as she and fellow counselor Stephanie Nunez-Marroquin called the names of the students they had gotten to know so well. Kelvin Miller Michel put down the microphone and let out a joyous scream.
September 13, 1992
We should applaud Laguna Beach for making community service a requirement for graduation from high schools. I believe the students will likely end up reaping more benefits than the community since their participation may well boost their self-esteem by discovering that they do have something to offer their community. Perhaps we should go a step further by requiring all parents to be actively involved in their education process. Those who fail to comply may be compelled to pay a fee which would supplement our schools' dwindling budgets.
June 15, 1986
I am glad that Dan Brodhead is delighted that he'll have a religion-free graduation, because I'm mad as hell. Without consulting any statistics, I feel I can safely say that the people who do not object to a prayer at graduation ceremonies are in the majority. I am outraged (but not surprised) that the Los Angeles Unified School District would give in to the demands of one family when faced with a lawsuit. If the Brodheads are able to exhibit such clout and feel so strongly about separation of church and state, I suggest they tackle two other "little things."
June 8, 1990 | United Press International
A federal court Thursday, acting on the request of two graduating seniors, stopped a high school from holding a prayer service during commencement. Drew Brody and Jennifer Hohnstine, who are to graduate from Downingtown Area High School today, asked for the order Thursday, saying that the benediction, to be delivered by a minister, makes non-Christians feel like "second-class citizens." U.S.
May 27, 1995 | ANTONIO OLIVO
A special graduation ceremony for about 150 Latino students at Cal State Northridge is scheduled today in the school's University Club garden. First held in 1969 by a group of Chicano students and professors looking to assert their cultural identity at the school, the annual Chicano/Latino Graduation ceremony now celebrates the range of Latin American heritages at CSUN. At the event, friends and family members will be treated to folklorico dance performances and live music.
January 28, 2010 | By Carla Rivera
Students attending California State University may be in for a dose of tough love as they are asked to choose majors more quickly, be more disciplined about attending class and be willing to sacrifice family time and outside activities to earn their degrees, several campus presidents said Wednesday. They spoke during a meeting of Cal State's Board of Trustees at which university officials formally announced an ambitious initiative to raise graduation rates, particularly for students who are from minority groups and low-income households.
July 4, 1991 | From Staff and Wire Reports
Nearly twice the percentage of white athletes as blacks graduated from college the last five years, according to a study by the NCAA. The findings, released Wednesday, are the first part of an academic study of 3,288 athletes from 85 Division I schools who entered college in 1984 and 1985. Black athletes graduated at a 26.6% rate, compared to 52.2% for whites and 45.7% for all athletes. The women's rate was almost 54%, compared with the men's 42.3%.
The battle over whether Joe Neal graduates tonight may not be over yet. School officials signaled Wednesday that they will resume their bid to discipline the Bassett High School senior for distributing fliers portraying the principal as a dictator.
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