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August 30, 2005
Regarding "Did You See That?" [Aug. 23], about small-town kids surfing a large slab of granite, thanks for reminding us that not all fun can be bought in a store and that cuts and stitches are all part of growing up. BILLY MANGE Redlands
March 6, 2011
Address: 46 Sorbonne St., Westminster 92683 Listed for: $749,000 Size: Four bedrooms and three bathrooms in 2,400 square feet Lot size: 0.09 acre Features: The 2002 contemporary has granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and maple cabinets in the kitchen. MLS ID: S646459 Address: 15372 Maryknoll St., Westminster 92683 Listed for: $659,000 Size: Four bedrooms and three bathrooms in 2,306 square feet Lot size: 0.14 acre Features: Built in 1969, the single-family home has remodeled bathrooms, a family room fireplace and granite counters in the kitchen and bathrooms.
March 27, 1988
Completion of the first phase of the $150-million, 17.3-acre Irvine Plaza at the northwest corner of Von Karman Avenue and Main Street in Irvine, is scheduled for the first quarter of 1989. The first phase will have two buildings with 285,500 square feet of space, according to a spokesman for the developer, Hillman Properties, Newport Beach. The architect is Gensler & Associates, Irvine. One building will have 4 stories, while the other will have 5.
August 29, 2002
Re "Courts Face Closures, Job Cuts," Aug. 27: I don't get it. We will have to close 29 courtrooms and lay off 168 employees. So why did we have to spend more than $90 million on the Chatsworth courthouse? It's an extravagant building that wasted lots of money for expensive granite yet contains too few (only eight) tiny courtrooms for the space it occupies and the money it cost. So where are the logic and the planning? Stephany Yablow Sherman Oaks
October 18, 1987
The 24-story Wilshire Landmark in West Los Angeles can look forward to a $100-million sibling. A companion building, the 17-story Landmark II will be built directly across the street at 11766 Wilshire Blvd. Ground breaking is scheduled Wednesday. The Wilshire Landmark was opened in September, 1986. Both buildings are developments of Homart Development Co., part of the Sears financial network. Christopher T.
December 31, 2004 | Jan M. Olsen, Associated Press
Seen from the outside, Copenhagen's new Opera House, with its bubble-faced front gently squeezed by a flat, thin roof, is akin to a giant lantern on the city's waterfront. The front lodges a five-story foyer and another bubble, inspired by a conch, covered with golden Danish maple. The main auditorium is coated on the inside with dark maple and has three horseshoe-shaped balconies. It can seat up to 1,700 people. Besides the main stage, the opera has five side and back stages.
May 9, 1993
We in real estate got a kick out of your definitions, but you missed a few. Opt: An overpriced turkey, usually an overimproved house in a so-so neighborhood. La vista tanque farme : A property with soaring, panoramic views of largely industrial areas. Pinata : A home painted with gaudy colors. Gilded Turnip: A home of poor-quality construction with or without a bad add-on or remodel, that the owners have tried to dress up with fancy fixtures and expensive marble or granite touches.
February 9, 1986
Construction has started on what is expected to be a $240,000 renovation and restoration of the garden at El Alisal, the Charles F. Lummis home at 200 E. Ave. 43, a familiar landmark in Highland Park. The initial phase--removal of pathways and their replacement with decomposed granite walkways--has been funded by a grant from the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, according to Betty Marsh of the Historical Society of Southern California.
February 25, 2010
Stone (or rock): Made of 42 pounds of Scottish granite. Curl: The way a stone "curls" into place with a highly finessed spin. Clockwise to the right; counterclockwise . . . well, take a guess. End: Like an inning, except there are 10. Hammer: The last shot. A huge deal in curling, it goes to the team that didn't score. Button: The bull's-eye. Closest stone scores one point. If you have two stones closer than any of your opponent's stones, you get two points, etc. House: The green circle.
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