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Green Lantern

March 31, 2011
Like the adage about bad publicity, R&B singer Chris Brown has proved there's also no such thing as a bad meltdown on a national TV show as long as it spells your name correctly and plugs your new album. That album, "F.A.M.E.," entered Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart at No. 1 Wednesday with first-week sales of 270,000 copies, the second-highest total of the year, despite — or perhaps partly because of — the singer's tirade after ABC's "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts had asked him about his assault on former girlfriend Rihanna rather than limiting their discussion to the album.
February 4, 2011 | By Brady MacDonald, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
What I've dubbed the " most anticipated new roller coaster of the summer " has arrived at Six Flags Magic Mountain --and I'm already salivating. Magic Mountain took delivery this week of the rocking and spinning Green Lantern coaster trains, which join portions of the emerald green track already on site at the Valencia amusement park. (Watch the concept video of the Green Lantern .) Ground clearance is currently under way for the first-of-its-kind ride in the U.S., with vertical construction expected to begin in March in advance of a scheduled Memorial Day weekend unveiling.
October 19, 2010 | By Brady MacDonald, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Six Flags Magic Mountain will reclaim the Roller Coaster Capital of the World title with the addition of two coasters in spring 2011, including a first-of-its-kind ride in the U.S., amusement park officials said. The Green Lantern will bring Magic Mountain's coaster count to 18, allowing the Valencia amusement park to recapture the coaster crown, taken by Ohio’s Cedar Point in 2008 . Magic Mountain snatched the crown from Cedar Point around the turn of the millennium after adding a coaster a year during a building binge that stretched from 1997 to 2003.
October 6, 2010 | By Gina McIntyre, Los Angeles Times
Greg Berlanti rushes into his office on the Disney lot, insisting that he's never, ever late. He's so emphatic it's easy to believe him, but it's also easy to understand why he might be running behind these days. The writer-producer-director ? whose TV résumé includes acclaimed programs such as "Everwood" and "Brothers & Sisters" ? is juggling a dizzying number of projects. He has just launched the ABC series "No Ordinary Family," which premiered Sept. 28, and he directed "Life as We Know It," a romantic comedy arriving in theaters Friday.
July 24, 2010 | By Steven Zeitchik, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Comic-Con attendees weren't quite sure what to make of "The Green Hornet," Seth Rogen's reincarnation of the 20th century radio/television superhero. In Hall H on Friday, the footage played to a decent, if not rousing, reception and afterward, many of the questioners were as eager to talk about their love of the actor as they were about their excitement for the January film. It's not for lack of some heavy-hitting talent. Rogen, who wrote the script with Evan Goldberg, of course succeeded in landing top-tier names, including indie auteur Michel Gondry and Oscar winner Christoph Waltz, both of whom turned up at the Friday panel.
July 24, 2010 | By Geoff Boucher, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
The Green Lantern corps has a new member. By the time you read this, a lucky fan already may have won an exact replica of the power ring worn by Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) in the Warner Bros. film due next year. I've seen the ring, and it's a fascinating artifact -- very different from the traditional clean, monochromatic ring of the comics. Check back here at Hero Complex for an exclusive interview with the winner. The ring was set as the big give-away surprise during the opening panel in Hall H on Saturday at Comic-Con International.
July 21, 2010 | By Geoff Boucher and Ben Fritz, Los Angeles Times
The premiere for Marvel Studios' "Iron Man 2" shut down Hollywood Boulevard in May with the year's most bombastic red-carpet event, featuring fireworks, a heavy-metal soundtrack, go-go dancers and a parade of celebrities that included Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke and Hugh Hefner. Walking through it all were two outsiders of a sort: Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns. The industry odd couple — she previously managed the Harry Potter brand for Warner Bros. but had no experience in comics, he's a fan-favorite comic-book writer who had never worked at a studio — are the president and chief creative officer, respectively, of DC Entertainment, main comic-book rival to Marvel.
December 13, 2006 | From Newsday
For most illustrators, creating even one iconic character is a dream come true. Martin Nodell, however, helped invent two: the superhero Green Lantern and the Pillsbury Doughboy. Nodell, one of the few surviving artists from the Golden Age of comic books, died Saturday at a nursing home in Wisconsin after a brief illness. He was 91. It was a subway ride in Manhattan that inspired Green Lantern.
October 20, 2004 | Herbert Gold, Special to The Times
Jerome CHARYN'S dream life must be exceptionally rich. Author of nearly 40 books -- from knowledgeable police novels to picaresque tales of the Bronx, nymphomaniacs and Pinocchio; nonfiction books documenting his fascination with the movies, Broadway and pingpong; memoirs of his immigrant Jewish family; and distinguished short fiction and essays -- he now rewards his readers with "The Green Lantern," subtitled "A Romance of Stalinist Russia."
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