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Greg Carson

Thirteen months after it was closed for repairs, California's longest wooden pier reopened Saturday amid much fanfare. As Ventura Mayor Greg Carson cut a ceremonial red ribbon to officially reopen the pier at noon, cannons were fired from a flotilla of boats and about 100 people dived into the water to swim around the 121-year-old landmark. The $3.5-million renovation stretches the Ventura Pier to 1,958 feet. The entire pier deck was redone, and about 17% of the pilings were replaced.
September 20, 1995 | TRACY WILSON
There is not much that a quarter can buy you these days. But starting next year, a 25-cent fare will buy Ventura residents and visitors a ride around the city in a new motorized trolley. The Ventura City Council approved a five-year franchise agreement with Ventura County Shuttle Inc. on Monday night, the final step in the city's efforts to reinstate trackless trolley service in the city's west end.
August 11, 1992 | PATRICK McCARTNEY
That was no baby that Dist. Atty. Michael D. Bradbury kissed on the snout Monday to publicize a fund-raising drive for abused children. More like baby back ribs. In a variation on a traditional political practice, Ventura County's top prosecutor puckered up and planted a smooch on the snout of a pot-bellied pig, kicking off a decidedly non-traditional contest.
July 30, 1992 | KAY SAILLANT
The Ventura Police Department will take part in a nationwide study to determine the effectiveness of sobriety checkpoints, police officials said. As part of the project, the department will get a trailer outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment that detects drunkenness, said Patrick Horton, chairman of a community committee that will help publicize the program. Ventura police will station the trailer at various points throughout the city for a period of nine months, Horton said.
May 7, 1992 | JOANNA M. MILLER
The American Lung Assn. urged all Ventura County residents to car pool, take the bus or ride a bicycle to work today in honor of "Don't Drive Alone Day," an event scheduled this week to coincide with Clean Air Week. Taking cars off the road for one day is not expected to have any significant effect on the county's air pollution, which fails to meet state and federal health standards for ozone, a major constituent of smog.
March 16, 1993 | CARLOS V. LOZANO
The Ventura City Council voted Monday to extend the closure of Poli Street near the Ventura High School campus for the rest of the school year to give officials more time to evaluate whether it should be closed permanently. The council voted unanimously to keep the street closed until at least June 17 to complete a study on the effect the closure is having on surrounding streets. Poli Street between North Catalina Street and Hall Canyon Road was closed Feb.
December 20, 1994
At the Dec. 5 Ventura City Council meeting, an agenda item dealt with an ordinance proposed by Councilman Steve Bennett that would have restricted campaign contributions to council candidates to a maximum of $100. Steve Bennett had won office under a self-imposed limit of that amount. In an attempt to refute the arguments for contribution limits, Mayor Tom Buford projected a wall-sized display of his approximate expenses in the last election. The total amount came to about $23,000.
April 15, 1992 | SANTIAGO O'DONNELL
Ventura Mayor Greg Carson has written to Wal-Mart officials inviting the discount store to consider his city one month after Oxnard officials announced they were negotiating with the giant retailer. But Oxnard officials said Tuesday that they were closing in on negotiations to bring a 146,000-square-foot Wal-Mart and a 134,000-square-foot Sam's Club discount store to their city.
November 2, 1994 | KAY SAILLANT
Treats were plentiful but tricks were in short supply Halloween night, law enforcement agencies reported Tuesday. The only pranks reported came from Ventura, where youths tossed toilet paper at the home of a former mayor, and in Fillmore, where tricksters sent fountains of water flowing onto streets from fire hydrants, officials said.
July 28, 1992 | KAY SAILLANT and PEGGY Y. LEE
Ventura City Council critic Caroll Dean Williams was arrested Monday night after he refused to leave the podium at the City Council meeting. Williams, who frequently uses meeting time to berate council members and read his own poetry, was arrested on suspicion of disrupting a public meeting. His nephew, Randy Williams, was arrested on the same charge after he also caused a commotion. Both were booked in Ventura County Jail, police said.
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