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September 27, 2009
Re: "Stores giving check use the bounce," Sept. 21: So supermarkets are thinking about eliminating checks to pay for groceries. Reducing services may save money, but at the expense of losing customers. Mary Stewart Wilmington
December 18, 1994
I want to comment on Robert Eisner's commentary ("Balanced-Budget Amendment Would Spell Disaster for Economy," Dec. 11) declaring that not only is a balanced federal budget unlikely to happen, but it makes terrible economics to do so. Eisner's premise is based on a flawed comparison to normal household borrowing such as a home mortgage or a college education. The federal government is an ongoing concern that will operate for many generations to come. A household purchasing a house will obtain benefits during and beyond the period when the mortgage is paid off, usually 15 to 30 years.
January 11, 1990
The problems of crime struck home for Torrance City Councilman Tim Mock on Friday when his wife's purse was snatched from inside their house as she unloaded groceries from her car. Colleen Mock told police that she first saw the thief standing in front of a liquor store at Crenshaw Boulevard and 166th Street, about one block from her house, as she drove home from the store about 8 p.m., and that he apparently followed her from there.
September 15, 1985
I enjoyed Jack Goulding's love song to the "Old Swede." I feel the same way about Lucky Pierre, my 1975 Peugeot. Pierre has performed well and with dignity. He has transported teen-aged boys back and forth to school, cats to the veterinarian, mountains of groceries home. He has gone 159,000-plus miles, has had few repairs and is still rarin' to go. HELEN LINDA DesMARAIS Claremont
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