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November 13, 1988
Dick Turpin might also look at the economic consequence of our subsidy-aided dependency on the automobile. The extraordinary ownership is responsible for our low household savings rate and growing indebtedness to foreign investors. The American automobile is an economic black hole--sucking in $1 trillion annually, 25% of the gross national product. STANLEY HART Altadena
May 30, 1998
Re "Movies Ad Nauseam" (by Amy Wallace, May 12): If any Hollywood big shots are reading this, here's a word to the wise: The last thing people want or need is more on-screen vomiting. Believe me, movie audiences are quite capable of leaping the gap from the character who looks sickened to his or her off-screen retching, and figuring out what exactly is happening, without your having to show us every last viscous drop. What's next, on-screen defecation? Of course, sometimes in-your-face heaving serves a legitimate artistic purpose, as did Linda Blair's memorable pea soup geyser in "The Exorcist."
September 12, 1990
Business tax is going to be 10% of gross receipts. That is a big number! What is also "gross" is that the same package includes ". . . a doubling of a special levy that pays for trash trucks." New trash trucks with hydraulic arms are going to be bought to replace all of the present trucks under a new law that mandates use of 60-gallon trash containers. That must be more than a million containers that must also be purchased! Present trash collection is quite satisfactory, thank you. Why spend all this extra money on new trucks and back-breaking containers?
December 30, 2004 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Syracuse Athletic Director Daryl Gross, who has been on the job less than two weeks, fired Paul Pasqualoni as coach Wednesday, leading to speculation that USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow might become coach of the Orange. Gross, who left USC to replace the retiring Jake Crouthamel, cited several factors for his decision, including declining attendance and the team's inconsistent play. "Obviously, there has been some success here, but as of late it hasn't been on a consistent basis," Gross said.
April 2, 1995
As a soldier in the "small army of lender attorneys" involved in the battle against Bernard Gross and the rent-skimming / bankruptcy scam, I read with interest your article of March 5, "Real Estate Whiz Target of Rent Scam Inquiry." It is unfortunate that the article appeared only in your Valley Edition. The entire Southern California area should be made aware of this problem. My law firm represents a number of financial institutions that have become victims of this form of bankruptcy fraud.
July 12, 2006
The story "Feeling the Squeeze" (July 9) quotes various yacht brokers and harbor designers and developers cheerleading for supersized boats costing millions of dollars, all of which eliminate marina space and boat slips for smaller, lower-cost ocean recreation craft for the general public. All of these cheerleaders profit from the conversion of public marinas to luxury playgrounds. The story borders on outrageous with the quote by San Francisco harbor developer Brad Gross criticizing the California Coastal Commission for seeking to preserve smaller boat slips and accommodations (calling it unjustified "social engineering")
July 12, 2001
What a surprise it was to see that Mexico is actually part of California! Or at least The Times must think so, when it puts "PRI Is Underdog in Baja Balloting" (July 8) under state issues in the California section. Maybe you should place articles regarding foreign countries in the international section, where they belong. Toni Gross Los Angeles
August 1, 1990
I was angry when they added four numbers to the Lotto. It is difficult enough to win and now the odds are ridiculous. What is wrong with winning $5 million or $7 million? No one can spend that in a lifetime. Why give one or two people a split of $25 million or $30 million. It's a crime. I think if people had more chances to win there would be more tickets sold. MARVIN GROSS Sherman Oaks
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