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March 12, 1987 | Associated Press
The state Board of Education on Wednesday narrowly adopted California's first specific guidelines for teaching students about homosexuality, AIDS, contraception, abortion, and other sex-related issues. Opponents immediately vowed to stage protests in school districts throughout the state and threatened legal challenges, claiming that the guidelines virtually endorse homosexuality and abortion by failing to condemn them.
January 14, 1985 | Associated Press
Reagan Administration rules for FBI investigations of domestic terrorism need "additional safeguards" to protect lawful dissent, an American Bar Assn. committee said Sunday. Although the panel commended the guidelines as reflecting "a healthy degree of balance" between First Amendment rights and public security, it said "additional safeguards are necessary" because the rules expand investigative techniques available to FBI agents.
April 8, 1993
The Los Angeles City Council approved a long-awaited plan to limit growth in the Mt. Washington and Glassell Park neighborhoods. According to Councilman Mike Hernandez's office, the plan allows for limited growth and preservation of historic buildings, and includes architectural guidelines and protection for significant trees.
May 13, 1986 | Associated Press
The National Assn. of Realtors today agreed to support a federal program using "testers" to visit home sales and rental agents to ensure they are not discriminating against minorities. As recently as May 2, the 700,000-member group testified against the proposal on Capitol Hill. Clark E. Wallace, the association president, said the change in stance was brought about by an agreement on guidelines with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Samuel R. Pierce Jr.
June 16, 2013 | By The Times editorial board
In the more than two decades since the U.S. government declared chimpanzees in the wild to be an endangered species, not much has improved for those great apes. The threats of habitat loss, poaching and disease have only intensified. Now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed reclassifying captive chimpanzees as well, moving them from the "threatened" category to "endangered," a change that brings with it stricter guidelines covering the handling and use of the animals. In the future, any procedure that harms, harasses or kills a research chimp would require a permit.
May 5, 1986 | JIM SCHACHTER, Times Staff Writer
For the first 10 years that Beatrice Snider practiced family law in San Diego County--the late 1970s and early 1980s, when both divorce and inflation rates skyrocketed--it seemed that child support orders were among the few constants. At $100 or $125 or $150 per child, regardless of either parent's income or the true costs of raising children, court-ordered support payments were consistently low, Snider said recently.
December 26, 1992
So after spending years bullying the networks into accepting guidelines for the depiction of violence, Sen. Paul Simon (D-Ill.) now bemoans that the guidelines "lack teeth" because they can't be enforced by law. Damn right! Maybe he's forgotten, but there's a thing called the First Amendment that prevents government from proscribing what its citizens may see and say. Ultimately, there's only one solution--abolish the FCC (at least as far as it has power to control content). After over half a century of operating by leave of the government, let broadcasters take their rightful place alongside book, magazine and newspaper publishers and let the public truly decide what it wants.
May 31, 1992 | From Associated Press
Christian fundamentalists failed in their attempt to change new sex education guidelines they claim would promote gay lifestyles, but they said they will regroup for another try this summer. The state Curriculum Commission, which advises the state Board of Education, approved health education guidelines Thursday without deleting sex education sections attacked by conservative groups.
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