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August 18, 1985
Definitely behind every bend one sees the 20th Century meeting the Stone Age. Tracy Johnston captured this well in her article. For the convenience of your readers, for more information and all tours available to Papua New Guinea, they can write directly to the North America office of Air Niugini, the national airline and representative of the national tourist office. This would eliminate the need for writing to New Guinea as expressed in the article. The address is Air Niugini, 5000 Birch St., Suite 3000 West Tower, Newport Beach, Calif.
February 4, 1996 | Associated Press
Rebel soldiers reportedly agreed Saturday to end a mutiny that left 20 people dead in this West African nation and forced its president into hiding.
July 5, 1985
A coup in the West African nation of Guinea has brought former Premier Diarra Traore, a member of the ruling military council, back to power, a broadcast in the capital of Conakry reported. Traore served as premier for eight months after a military coup in April, 1984, that followed the death of longtime dictator Sekou Toure. He was later demoted to education minister as President Lansana Conte reshuffled his Cabinet and abolished the premier's post, alleging incompetence and corruption.
October 3, 1993 | Associated Press
Pro-democracy protests erupted into tribal clashes that have killed at least 18 people, President Gen. Lansana Conte said as he issued an edict banning all demonstrations until presidential elections are held on Dec. 5.
October 30, 2006 | Elena Conis
A "fiery serpent" that plagued the Israelites in the Old Testament and that's been found in Egyptian mummies continues to afflict tens of thousands of people today. The ancient parasitic sickness, known as Guinea worm disease, can still be cured only with an ancient remedy. But experts say the disease is on the verge of becoming ancient history, despite its age-old persistence and the lack of advances in medical treatments.
May 7, 1990 | CHILTON ALPHONSE, of the Community Youth Sports and Arts Foundation, expressed some views on law enforcement in South-Central Los Angeles. He told The Times: and
It appears to me, working with gangs and drugs, that black male youth are used as guinea pigs by law-enforcement agencies that can so easily and quickly point the finger at the violence that's associated with gangs and black youth. In return, they use the stats associated with those crimes in the inner city to get large amounts of federal dollars. Once the dollars are provided, they are never spent in the impacted area.
September 18, 2003 | From Associated Press
Guinea-Bissau's elected leader formally ceded power Wednesday before the eyes of envoys from neighboring states, who couldn't coax the military junta into giving up control it grabbed three days before in a bloodless coup. Cheering crowds marched in the capital of this impoverished coastal West African country to celebrate President Koumba Yala's overthrow. He had become deeply unpopular in his 3 1/2 years in office, presiding over a government so poor it cannot pay its civil servants.
September 28, 1986 | COLMAN ANDREWS
Put down that dish of Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip? Decline that wedge of Chocolate Decadence? Say "No thanks, Frenchy" to that coupe of mousse au chocolate ? What are you anyway? Some kind of dope fiend?
August 12, 2009 | Associated Press
Rescuers in a helicopter saw no immediate signs of life today amid the wreckage of a chartered plane that crashed while carrying 13 people to a tourist region of Papua New Guinea, the airline said. Papua New Guinea Civil Aviation Authority head Joseph Kintau said the plane was located in "extremely difficult" terrain in a heavily forested mountainous region a day after it disappeared, and it was unclear whether there were survivors. A radio signal had been received and search and rescue officials were attempting to reach the site, Kintau said.
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