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Gun Sales

March 6, 2013 | By Shan Li
Gun maker Smith & Wesson Holdings Corp. said its fiscal third-quarter earnings more than tripled from the previous year as Americans hurried to purchase firearms amid wrangling by lawmakers around the country over stricter weapons laws. Covering the three months ended Jan. 31, the results span a period in which a mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school that left 20 children dead elevated the national conversation on firearm restrictions. In response, some gun advocates have rushed to buy firearms in anticipation of tighter laws controlling the sale of guns and ammunition.
March 6, 2013 | Mark Z. Barabak
When it comes to guns and gun control, Roger Binford and Dave Hoover agree on very little. Binford, 59, a self-employed electrical contractor, owns more than half a dozen guns and feels so strongly about the right to bear arms that he recently spent part of his birthday at the state Capitol, arriving early for a debate on proposed restrictions. "I don't think what I have in my house is anybody's business," Binford said. Hoover, 51, a police sergeant who organizes an annual hunt with friends, has a frozen piece of pizza he can't bear to throw away.
March 4, 2013 | By Michael Muskal
Mark Kelly, the husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the lawmaker who was wounded in a gun attack, on Monday called for universal background checks for private sales of guns during testimony in Colorado. Kelly and Giffords have previously said they plan to lobby strongly on state and federal levels for laws to address gun violence. Kelly, a former astronaut, testified before the Colorado Senate's State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee , which is considering tougher legislation.
February 21, 2013 | By Richard Simon
WASHINGTON - A group of Democratic lawmakers, led by Rep. Linda Sanchez of California  is launching an effort to secure money for gun buybacks, firearms safety campaigns and anti-violence programs from a new tax on handgun purchases. Sanchez unveiled the bill, which would impose a 10% tax on handgun purchases,  Thursday at Los Angeles County Sheriff's headquarters in Monterey Park.  “It is time to give our law enforcement agencies all the necessary resources to prevent gun violence," Sanchez said.
February 20, 2013 | By Joe Flint
Comcast Corp. said its cable systems will stop accepting ads for guns or from retail outlets promoting gun sales as part of a new policy. A spokesman for the nation's largest cable operator said the approach is similar to one its entertainment unit NBCUniversal has for its broadcast TV stations. The moves come in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting that left 26 people dead. This doesn't mean Comcast is going completely gun-free. The NBC Sports Network, a cable channel, will continue to accept advertisements for weapons that are used for hunting, such as shotguns and rifles.
February 18, 2013 | By Jessica Garrison, Los Angeles Times
By law, Alexander Hernandez should have surrendered his gun to the state of California three years ago after a judge issued a restraining order against him for alleged domestic violence. He didn't. So one night recently , when the 26-year-old was at home in Whittier with his toddler, eight armed agents from the California Department of Justice banged on his door and took it from him. Agents found the loaded .45-caliber handgun in a safe by his bed. Hernandez, who told the agents he had forgotten that he was supposed to turn in the weapon, was arrested on suspicion of illegally possessing a handgun, records show.
February 15, 2013 | By Adam Winkler
Universal background checks for gun buyers are at the center of President Obama's proposed gun-control agenda. This is a valuable reform that closes gaping loopholes in our current partial background check system. Yet, to be both effective at reducing crime and respectful of Americans' 2nd Amendment rights, the president's proposal falls short in two ways. Backgrounds checks should be truly universal. And they should be free. Under current law, a gun purchaser must submit to a background check whenever he or she buys a gun from a federally licensed gun dealer.
February 4, 2013 | By Kathleen Hennessey and Christi Parsons
MINNEAPOLIS - Standing in front of an imposing backdrop of police officers and troopers in blue and khaki uniforms, President Obama on Monday touted his gun violence proposals using an appeal to “common sense” and bipartisanship - and a bit of stagecraft. “We don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something,” Obama said to applause from an audience of law enforcement officials. “I need everybody who is listening to keep the pressure on your member of Congress to do the right thing.” Obama's brief day trip to a Minneapolis Police Department facility was his first venture outside of Washington on behalf of his gun measures - the informal launch of the bully-pulpit campaign he's vowed to wage on behalf the package.
January 31, 2013 | By Tiffany Hsu
A month after a massacre at a Connecticut elementary school, demand for ammunition is so high that Wal-Mart is limiting sales to keep supply stable. As of last week, customers nationwide will only be able to purchase three boxes a day from the mega-retailer because “supply is limited,” said spokeswoman Ashley Hardie. She declined to speculate on the reasons behind the surge in interest, but said the company is “monitoring supply issues daily and working with suppliers to ship ammunition to stores.” “We're taking care of as many customers as possible,” Hardie said.
January 25, 2013 | By Michael A. Memoli, Washington Bureau
RICHMOND, Va. - With Congress set to launch a debate over stricter gun control measures next week, Vice President Joe Biden took the administration's sales pitch on the road Friday, citing "an obligation to act" to reduce gun violence. Biden, who has led the White House response to the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, said the nation was shaken by the massacre of 20 first-graders and called the episode "a window into the vulnerability people feel about their safety and the safety of their children.
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