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August 28, 1987
It is obvious to me that Capra has more guts and clearer vision than even the President of the U.S. when it comes to hostage situations. ROSS ANDERSON Arcadia
May 21, 1989
Well, it had to happen. An L.A. radio station with intelligence, wit, variety and guts. I'm amazed it lasted this long. JEFF BERKE Los Angeles
October 1, 1989
This is my reply to Robert J. Jensen's letter (Sept. 17): No, Mr. Jensen, it is not "ignorant to point out that there is no proof that homosexuals are born that way." But it is ignorant to ignore studies and facts that claim they, indeed, are born that way. And now to the politicians with "guts and moral backbone": If Jensen wants to side with real guts, backbone and common-sense politicians, I suggest Daniel E. Young, mayor of Santa Ana, and six of his seven council members. PETER CLAUSS Orange
August 11, 1992
It was refreshing to hear Matalin say some truths. Personal attacks on Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle by the Democrats have been numerous in the past few weeks. One example is Clinton holding up a "Boot Bush" sign at the Democratic convention. Yet the lunatic, left-wing liberal Mafia accuses Republicans of negative campaigning! Finally, Matalin has spoken up, showing up the hypocritical Democrats. She has guts. I wish the men in the Republican Party had as much guts. G. A. MENON, Beverly Hills
May 4, 1991
Despite the disappointing end to the Kings' season, it is almost impossible for enough to be said in praise of the guts, heart, and character of Tomas Sandstrom. MEL POWELL Los Angeles
October 18, 1992
Turan's article was admirably researched and fair to all concerned, except perhaps the current Warner Bros. management, which showed imagination and guts in funding and arranging for this "new" version to be shown across the country. MICHAEL DEELEY, PRODUCER, "BLADE RUNNER" Los Angeles
June 20, 1985
The Times has received 221 letters commenting on its decision not to print all of Garry Trudeau's Doon e sbury strips on Frank Sinatra; 206 criticized The Times' decision and/or praised Trudeau; 15 criticized Trudeau and/or praised Sinatra. Your temporary discontinuation of the Doonesbury strip disappoints me. If Trudeau has the guts and wit to take on Frank Sinatra, the Mafia and Ronald Reagan, you should have the guts to publish it. LANA LAWTON Pomona Editor's Note: The Times risks lawsuits again and again because taking the risk is often the only way to get important information to its readers.
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