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October 4, 1986
Why execute 4,000 people just so naive and selfish speed lovers can roar 65 m.p.h.? The "stats" are clear on this one--4,000 more deaths and thousands of injuries. And guess who the victims will be, innocent women and children by the thousands, mangled and bleeding to death out there because an insane bill, the prime sponsor of which is Sen. Steven D. Symms (R-Ida.). Symms has the guts to push his death sentence on 4,000 people. I wonder if he has the guts to go to the funerals, and console the widows and grandparents crippled in Idaho hospitals.
July 22, 1990
Thank God for William Dannemeyer. Perhaps we still have a few members left in Congress who aren't there to use drugs, line their pockets, womanize, hit the bottle, and who otherwise don't give a damn about their country. They only know how to spend our money and then scream for new taxes to bail them out. Dannemeyer has the down-to-earth morals and principles I thought were completely gone from this Earth. He also has the guts to fight for them. Keep it up Rep. Dannemeyer.
March 26, 1989
If the A. C. Nielsen Co. had phoned me on March 12 to ask what TV program I was watching, I would have been too embarrassed to admit it was "The People's Choice Awards." And yet I sat--benumbed by its self-serving pomposity--through two hours of pre-announced and pre-taped winners; interminable thank-you speeches (at one point there were 11 "acceptees" on stage); and, of course, the usual endless program plugs and commercials. The only interesting sidelight to the entire fiasco was that CBS had the guts to present what turned out to be a running promo for ABC's "Roseanne" and NBC's "The Cosby Show."
November 25, 1996 | From Associated Press
The din of the crowd shook the building. The shotmaking was dazzling, the aces blinding. By the time they were through with five sets, Pete Sampras and Boris Becker were down to heart and guts. And Sampras, who has spent a career playing big matches, knew just how special this one was. "This is one the best matches I have ever been a part of," he said Sunday after beating Becker, 3-6, 7-6 (7-5), 7-6 (7-4), 6-7 (11-13), 6-4, to win the ATP Tour World Championship.
August 27, 1985
If a coin flip had come up the other way, they would be running the Kentucky Bumbry, not the Kentucky Derby, on the first Saturday of each May. At least that's the way Lord Derby tells it. He's the owner of Teleprompter, winner of the Arlington Million. Revealing how the Epsom Derby in England got its name, he said: "My ancestor, the 12th Lord Derby, and his neighbor, Sir Charles Bumbry, started a race for 3-year-old fillies in 1779. They called it the Oaks, after my ancestor's house.
April 1, 1991
Glaspie's testimony was a replay of the evasive responses given during the Watergate hearings. She left me convinced that the Administration wanted war to save the defense budget and to guarantee the President's reelection. But if I wanted to get reelected as desperately as George Bush does, I, too, would have begun my popularity campaign well in advance. First, I would vacation while a hostile international incident matured. I would then develop that incident into a winnable war. After I won the war, I would be assured millions of votes from Americans who would see me as a man of international action.
March 30, 2004
Re "Fresno's GOP Mayor Balks at Schwarzenegger's Agenda," March 25: Fresno Mayor Alan Autry is a refreshing contrast to all of the fans of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. He recognizes the governor for what he is: all style and no substance. He recognizes the governor's financial "recovery" for what it is: smoke and mirrors. As has become a nasty habit of the state, local tax revenues are being plundered in order to prevent the need for tax increases at the state level. The cities and counties will suffer greatly as a result, and the people of California will be hit where they'll notice it: police, fire and education.
September 25, 2011 | By Brady MacDonald, Los Angeles Times staff writer
Halloween Horror Nights gets bigger, better and busier every year -- so much so the annual theme park event seems ready to burst like the bloody entrails spilling from the guts of so many hapless victims at Universal Studios Hollywood. > Halloween Horror Nights maze-by-maze preview | photos Horror Nights 2011 has grown to six mazes, many with hourlong waits during my visit on opening night, but the increasingly popular event probably needs twice as many mazes to handle the bloodthirsty hordes that crowd the park to capacity on the busiest evenings.
The call came on the eve of his Los Angeles concert, just as he was leaving his home in Mexico. We have your son. Follow our instructions. Don't make trouble. It was a year ago, and Vicente Fernandez was about to headline four sold-out shows at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, his annual Memorial Day pilgrimage to the Eastside suburbs of L.A. Now this voice, saying his 33-year-old son, his namesake, was being held for a ransom of millions.
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