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"Mo' Money" (citywide) is les' funny. It's a movie hybrid. Starting out as a sort of lower-class black "Sting," it moves into a lackluster retread of "Strictly Business" and ends up grabbing at the last scraps of the "Lethal Weapon" knockoff sweepstakes.
May 18, 2008 | Susan Salter Reynolds, Susan Salter Reynolds is a Times staff writer.
SOMETIMES IT takes guts to be a critic. So often you feel you have no right to be pronouncing on someone else's hard work and insight. Your whiny little voice wheedles off the page. And every once in a while, the emotions you encounter in a book are so raw -- not sentimental, not artful, just plain raw -- that you can barely keep reading, much less recommend what you're reading to anyone else. "Comfort" is such a book. After you read it, you feel utterly depleted.
August 4, 1989 | From Staff and Wire Reports
It all started innocently enough. The Cincinnati Reds' leadoff hitter, Mariano Duncan, walked and stole second base. Luis Quinones bunted and beat it out. "I played for one run and I got 14," Manager Pete Rose said. The Reds scored 14 runs on 16 hits, all in the first inning, and went on to beat the Houston Astros, 18-2, Thursday at Cincinnati. The 16 hits set a modern major league record for one inning.
July 11, 1987 | GORDON MONSON, Times Staff Writer
Now that Wimbledon is over, the sports world can turn its attention to the championship it's really been waiting for--the title game to decide an issue of tastes-great/less-filling proportions, the first-ever championship match of . . . ta-dum, the American Polo League. Quite right, America. You knew it all along. When the San Francisco Buccaneers ride into Burbank this evening to play the Los Angeles Colts in the L.A.
The article in Boxing Illustrated magazine years ago was headlined optimistically, "Boxing Needs a New Federal Commissioner--Me." "Boxing needs a person with the guts, determination and experience to put it back into the American way of life, where it belongs," the article stated. "I, Frankie Goodman, am that man. I have done more in all phases of boxing than any other man the whole world over." He didn't become a commissioner, but he may have been right about his qualifications.
September 14, 1986
My compliments to Michael Wilmington for his accurate assessment of "The Fly's" many merits ("Top Quality Horror Films: A Shocking Development," Aug. 31). This splendid film has been attacked by several critics whose knees jerked predictably at the sight of blood; no doubt audiences afflicted by similar delicacies will denounce "The Fly" as yet another product born of, and appealing to, our sick society. Wilmington had the sense to look deeper, and the sensitivity to find something there.
January 19, 2008
Does Bill Plaschke feel as if he is under pressure to write feel-good fluff articles about UCLA football to balance the current dynastic winning football at USC? I mean a whole article praising Rick Neuheisel for merely asking highly respected and talented UCLA alum Ken Norton to come work with him? And how amazing that he asks fired Titans assistant coach Norm Chow to come work with him even when Chow had already expressed interest in UCLA. Wow, what a gutty little Bruin that Rick is!
November 7, 2012
Re "Caught in a bind," Nov. 3 The article on cutbacks to rural community colleges hit an emotional nerve. After high school, I went to Imperial Valley College. In this rural farming community, the college was the only place to experience culture. Thanks to the school, I was exposed to Ray Bradbury, saw my first Shakespeare play and went on a field trip to Los Angeles to see a Tutankhamun exhibit. In addition, I met many older lifelong learners who inspired me. How less rich my life would have been without this.
June 27, 2008 | Tony Perry
A kitchen fire Thursday spread quickly and gutted the Kansas City Barbecue restaurant, a local landmark known for its sign celebrating it as the site of the "sleazy bar scene" from the Tom Cruise movie "Top Gun." More than 40 firefighters fought the blaze, which caused an estimated $400,000 damage, not including the movie memorabilia. The restaurant, across from Seaport Village and near the city's waterfront convention center, is a tourist attraction. -- -- Tony Perry
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