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June 23, 1986
Israeli supporters of extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane set fire to the office of a socialist newspaper in Haifa, police said. Two young activists in Kahane's Kach party were arrested shortly after setting the blaze, police spokesman Dov Lutzki said. "There is little doubt that their motives were political," Lutzki said. The U.S.-born Kahane has accused the media of being leftist and has threatened "to take care of all the journalists" if he ever attains power.
January 24, 1987 | From Reuters
Four Israeli Arabs from the Haifa area in northern Israel were given life sentences Friday for the 1982 rape and murder of a Jewish woman soldier. Kamel Sbechi and his brother Mohammed, their cousin Attaf Sbechi and Ahmed Kuzli had pleaded not guilty. A panel of three judges convicted them of the gang rape and murder of Dafna Carmon, 21, seized near her home on Haifa's Mount Carmel on June 11, 1982, five days after Israel's invasion of Lebanon.
February 9, 2004 | Ken Ellingwood, Times Staff Writer
The kindergartens are shuttered now, the young families mostly a memory. Along the rolling paths of this once-lively farming community, the prevailing hush gives way now and then to the hum of motorized carts favored by some of the oldest residents, who carved a collective home here nearly 60 years ago. The factory where the kibbutz used to build electric fans is silent except for the flapping of rafter birds. The community can no longer sustain itself on dairy cows, chickens and crops.
July 12, 1991 | Associated Press
Striking municipal workers blocked Haifa's traffic with garbage trucks and let raw sewage pour onto the beaches Thursday, the third day of their walkout. The 5,000 employees took the action after City Hall, $37.5 million in debt, failed to pay June salaries.
September 30, 1985 | Associated Press
Two bombs exploded in the northern Israeli port city of Haifa on Sunday, wounding five people, police said. The first bomb went off under a market stall. Haifa police spokesman David Frankel said one person received moderate wounds and four others were slightly injured. About 10 minutes later a second bomb exploded a few hundred yards away on a downtown street but caused no casualties, Frankel said. Frankel said the bombs "appeared to be the work of terrorists."
September 23, 2007 | Rachel Abramowitz, Times Staff Writer
ASHRAF BARHOM auditioned for "The Kingdom" from the top of his apartment building in Galilee, the ancient village where he lives in northern Israel. His sister held the camera as the 30-year-old Christian Arab-Israeli transformed himself into a tightly wound Saudi police colonel, Al-Ghazi, at the precise moment when Al-Ghazi finally peels off his officious, official persona. "In the movie, the scene is played with Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.
April 3, 1990 | Reuters
An Israeli court Monday sentenced an immigrant from Yugoslavia to jail for spying for the Palestine Liberation Organization. The Haifa district court said that Victoria David, 34, should serve three years in jail with three more years under a suspended sentence. In exchange for dropping more serious charges, she pleaded guilty last month to giving information to an enemy, contact with an enemy and belonging to a banned organization.
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