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May 25, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
A slow-moving storm packing tornadoes and hail battered rural Oklahoma, tearing up trees and destroying three barns at a hog farm near Lacey in Kingfisher County, northwest of Oklahoma City. No injuries were reported at the farm. Most of its 3,900 pigs, housed in crates, were also unhurt.
A surprisingly strong thunderstorm hit the Southland on Thursday, dropping hail, fraying nerves and sending three high school students briefly to the hospital. "It's not the showers that were surprising," said Amy Talmage, a meteorologist for WeatherData Inc., which does forecasts for The Times. "It was the hail and lightning--the intensity of the storm." The students were at Oceanside High School near San Diego when lightning struck an outdoor basketball court late in the afternoon.
April 30, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
Storms battered eastern Texas with winds of up to 100 mph and hail the size of baseballs, damaging buildings and slamming about 15 parked airplanes into one another at the Gainesville Municipal Airport. "When you have winds from 80 to 100 mph, it can do damage similar to that of a tornado," said Jesse Moore, a National Weather Service meteorologist. No major injuries were reported. Hundreds of homes and businesses were damaged, and power was knocked out in several areas.
An unstable mass of air trailing Thursday's chilly storm dropped scattered rain, hail and snow on Southern California on Friday evening, and forecasters said a new storm should bring more precipitation tonight and Sunday. Despite briefly heavy rain in a number of areas Friday, there were no reports of new mudslides on the hillsides that were denuded during last fall's destructive brush fires in Malibu, Altadena and Laguna Beach.
December 6, 1992
I refer to your article "Hail to the Chief . . . of Yale?" (Topic A, Nov. 23) and I am outraged by your writer's ridicule of President Bush. President Bush is over; he will be gone by Jan. 20, 1993. Please let him go in peace and with grace; the same grace he had shown to the American public during the news conference acknowledging his defeat. I had always thought that we will never ever read any such article again after the election. Wrong. HOK A. NG Pico Rivera
May 26, 1989 | From United Press International
Severe thunderstorms that churned up tornadoes and hail in Illinois and Ohio raked the Midwest on Thursday, generating winds that injured five campers at Abe Lincoln Campground and flipped house trailers in Missouri. The night before, tornadoes flattened farmsteads and wrecked mobile homes in Iowa and Wisconsin, and one person was killed. A tornado hit Vandalia, Ill., on Thursday and dropped hail east of the city. Hail also pelted areas near the Missouri cities of Dittmer and Herculaneum.
January 27, 2009 | Victoria Kim
Scattered showers that cooled temperatures in Southern California over the weekend turned into pea-sized hail Sunday night and early Monday in foothill communities lining the San Gabriel Mountains. About 11:30 p.m. Sunday, officials started receiving reports of hail, which blanketed streets and accumulated up to half an inch in some areas, said Stuart Seto of the National Weather Service. The hailstorm appeared to have moved east, starting in Altadena and passing through Sierra Madre and Duarte, with the last reports coming about 12:40 Monday morning from Glendora.
July 27, 2010 | Los Angeles Times
They're calling for rain today, but that's no surprise. Predicting rain on a summer day in Mexico City is like forecasting death in an old-folks home. It's bound to happen. From springtime to autumn, it rains a lot here. Let me be clear: a lot. The Mexico City government issues the same monotonous forecast each day: 80% or higher chance of rain. The only suspense is whether it will come with lightning or hail. It's the same almost every afternoon — you could set a clock, if the power hasn't been knocked out. People schedule outdoor parties early, knowing that by late afternoon, the storm clouds will prevail.
May 12, 1996 | Associated Press
Which of these are you most likely to hear when you hand a New York City cabbie a $50 bill for a $5 cab ride? A) Thanks for the tip. B) Are you out of your mind? C) I am sorry, but I am not required to change a $50 bill. Please let me drive you to the nearest place where you can get change. If the Taxi and Limousine Commission gets its way, cabbies will be answering "C," along with 49 other courteous statements such as: "Thank you for hailing me, sir (madam)." After finally requiring drivers to speak English and know how to find Broadway, the agency now wants to banish the quintessential New York image: rude cab drivers.
A freak hail storm Thursday dumped an inch of miniature ice balls along the 101 Freeway at the border separating Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, setting off a string of car accidents during the morning commute that left one woman injured. Twenty cars were damaged as startled motorists hit the brakes and hydroplaned, California Highway Patrol Sgt. Doug Howell said. The hail was isolated to a quarter-mile patch of the freeway.
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