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May 3, 1987 | KAREN TUMULTY, Times Staff Writer
Rep. Lee H. Hamilton (D-Ind.) knows how it feels to be deceived. As chairman of the House Intelligence Committee while the Administration was secretly selling arms to Iran and diverting profits to the Nicaraguan contras , he was assured by key players in the scheme that nothing improper was going on. Hamilton believed them then. Now he knows otherwise. The lesson he learned will loom large in the forthcoming congressional hearings on the Iran-contra scandal.
March 25, 1987 | LOUIS SAHAGUN, Times Staff Writer
The search for a missing Air National Guard fighter jet piloted by Dean Paul Martin, eldest son of entertainer Dean Martin, was suspended at nightfall Tuesday after rescuers in the air and on the ground failed to find a crash site on blustery Mt. San Gorgonio, authorities said. The search, aided by helicopters, observation planes and 18 rescuers on foot, was to resume at daybreak on the rugged southern face of the 11,500-foot, snow-covered mountain, authorities said.
May 20, 1993 | SEAN WATERS
The University High girls' track team is expected to make a strong showing at the City Section semifinals that begin today at Birmingham High. The Warriors are led by sprinters Yolanda Arrington, Sheili Hardemion, Dorneisha Lewis, Dora Gyarmati and Lorraine Persons. The Warriors won the Coastal Conference final last Thursday at Venice. University finished with 62 points, Westchester was second with 45 and Palisades was third with 38.
July 2, 1995 | Bruce McCall, Bruce McCall is a frequent contributor to the New Yorker
Reprinted from recently discovered pages of Benjamin Franklin's long-lost personal journal, July, 1776. Near Philadelphia, July 4, 1776: My invention of the Franklin Collapsible Three-Legged Cookery Stove, as portable as any Canoe or the heaviest of Portmanteaus, can this day be pronounced a Success, earned by way of its ideal Utility, as demonstrated before an appreciative gathering at the house of Thos.
January 27, 1985 | SAM HALL KAPLAN, Times Urban Design Critic
The proposed Library Square project submitted to the City Council last week has stirred a sharp debate among officials. The debate could determine the future shape and texture of downtown Los Angeles for generations to come. The debate is over whether the project--involving the refurbishment and expansion of the landmark Central Library and the construction of three distinctive office towers, a park and a monumental stairway--should be linked by a series of pedestrian bridges.
September 17, 2010 | Hector Tobar
The five day laborers were huddled over some dice and coins they'd tossed on the asphalt of a Home Depot parking lot in Westlake. They were passing the time on a late afternoon, after another fruitless day waiting to be hired. I asked them about another day laborer, Manuel Jamines, who was holding a large knife when he was shot by police just a block away. The shooting led to a near riot and ongoing protests, and I'd come to the neighborhood to get a feel for what was happening.
June 1, 1986 | DAVID JOHNSTON, Times Staff Writer
Los Angeles Police Officer John Hamilton surveyed the grisly scene: the lifeless body of 15-year-old Matthew Marshall, his mangled Peugeot bicycle and a Volkswagen Rabbit, its windshield smashed, a Coke can lodged in the headlight cavity. Following standard LAPD procedure, the veteran traffic accident investigator diagramed what he saw that March night in 1985 on twisting Roscomare Road near Mulholland Drive in Bel-Air. He also took down the names of three witnesses who arrived after the crash.
May 11, 1997
Regarding the death of poor Pal, the pug: We have coyotes all over the place here in Agua Dulce. They are sighted daily. Last year our Queensland blue healer was found severely injured. It looked as though she had been scalped. Both ears were hanging below her neck and her skull was visible. Due to the nature of the wound, I was horrified that someone may have done this deliberately to my dog. However, our veterinarian told us that his experience dictated that the injury was the result of a coyote attack and said it was accompanied by puncture wounds around the neck and body.
December 25, 1987 | STEVE ELLING, Times Staff Writer
Kennedy High has jumped out to a 6-0 start this season, but Coach Yutaka Shimizu--who is often called Shim for simplicity's sake--says the team has not faced any earth-shaking opposition. "The teams we've played haven't given us the kind of competition we'll see in league play," he said. "But we should know how good we are sometime next week." Kennedy plays in the Valley League, which currently has three teams ranked in The Times' Valley Top 10.
December 9, 2002 | Martin Miller, Times Staff Writer
Diane Hamilton was a grown-up battling a child's ailment. At least that's what she thought. But the high fever, aches, chills -- and a pair of tonsils that felt as big as pingpong balls -- amounted to much more than a passing case of tonsillitis. "It was a little embarrassing," said Hamilton, a 33-year-old architect. "I kept thinking, 'I'm an adult. This shouldn't be happening.' " Initially, she didn't bother seeing a doctor, treating the symptoms with over-the-counter medications and rest.
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