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August 17, 1988 | JOHN SPANO, Times Staff Writer
Authorities have seized a record 2,400 pounds of hashish worth about $10 million and broken a well-organized ring made up of six men from Orange and Riverside counties, federal officials said Tuesday. The hashish, hidden in boxes marked as nails and shipped in a container large enough for a person to stand in, was imported from India and hidden at a remote ranch in Riverside County. "This was the largest seizure of hashish in Southern California," according to U.S. Atty. Robert C. Bonner.
May 25, 1988 | Times Wire Services
Federal agents seized 45 tons of marijuana and hashish Tuesday and arrested five family members, including the former cellmate of "The Falcon and the Snowman" spy Christopher Boyce. Thirty tons of hashish and 15 tons of marijuana were under the deck of a barge seized along with its 72-foot tugboat as it slipped beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. The primary suspect, Calvin Robinson, 47, of Corning, Calif., was servinga federal forgery sentence at Lompocin 1980 when his cellmate, Boyce, escaped.
December 18, 1986 | United Press International
Customs agents found more than a ton of hashish worth about $30 million in a shipment of raisins belonging to a U.S. firm and bound for West Germany, Tass said today. It was the largest drug bust in Soviet history, Tass said. The press agency said the cargo of raisins was registered to the U.S. firm Specific International and bound for Hamburg, West Germany, via Soviet territory. There was no listing in Hamburg for the company and Hamburg police denied knowledge of the case.
August 14, 1986 | LORENA OROPEZA, Times Staff Writer
Cocaine and hashish worth an estimated $600,000 have been seized and six people arrested as a result of a two-month investigation, Irvine police said Wednesday. Officers found seven pounds of cocaine and one ounce of hashish when they raided an apartment on Ogle Street in Costa Mesa Tuesday night, police said. Four people were arrested at the Costa Mesa address and two others were taken into custody in Mission Viejo, said police Lt. Mike White.
February 4, 1986 | ANDY ROSE, Times Staff Writer
A Santa Ana deputy city attorney was arrested Sunday when he and two other people were spotted while allegedly smoking hashish in a parked car in Newport Beach. Charles W. Matheis Jr., 32, of Irvine has been charged with possession of hashish, according to Newport Beach police spokesman Trent Harris. Matheis, contacted at his City Hall office Monday, declined comment.
May 10, 1990 | Associated Press
Police seized 6 1/2 tons of hashish hidden aboard a Lebanese trawler and arrested six people, the semi-official Anatolia news agency reported Wednesday. The shipment, one of the biggest ever seized in Turkey, was destined for Greece and had a street value of $120 million, according to police in this Mediterranean coastal province. The agency quoted Antalya Gov.
January 5, 1986 | JOHN KOHUT, Reuters
It won't be a vintage year for Bekaa Valley hashish, but growers say connoisseurs will still get good value from each puff of "Lebanese red." "There hasn't been enough rain this year so it won't be as good as last year," said Abu Abbas as he inspected his 11-acre field of shoulder-high cannabis, the plant from which hashish is made, growing next to a tomato patch. "But it's still OK--our hashish is never bad," he said as he crushed the head of a cannabis plant, the most prized part.
April 30, 1988 | Associated Press
Customs investigators in London seized 3 1/2 tons of Afghan hashish in the first-ever narcotics seizure involving Britain and the Soviet Union, authorities said Friday. "The drugs came from Afghanistan, overland through the Soviet Union. The Soviet authorities got wind of that and agreed to cooperate in tracking them, letting them out of the Soviet Union and to the United Kingdom so that we were able to seize them here," said Home Office Minister Peter Lilley.
Making an NBA team on the basis of a 10-day contract is strictly a longshot proposition. But after guard Steve Burtt's harrowing experience in Greece last fall, his current tryout with the Washington Bullets is a welcome challenge. Burtt, 30, has journeyed among the NBA, Continental Basketball Assn., United States Basketball League and the Greek Basketball League since he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors in 1984.
March 20, 1990 | ERNEST DRUCKER, Ernest Drucker is founder and executive director of the drug-abuse treatment program at Montefiore Medical Center and a professor of epidemiology and social medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.
The Dutch approach to drug use is much more pragmatic than the British system, which views addiction as a disease in need of treatment. Its premise is simple and humane. Drug users are "deviant neighbors rather than outsiders," says Henk Jan van Vliet, director of Metrolink, an Amsterdam-based research organization. The authorities' tolerance, however, is not blind. Users will be vigorously prosecuted for drug-related crimes.
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