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July 22, 1990
In response to a question in the July 8 item "Various Markets Affect Lending Qualifications," Robert J. Bruss characterizes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as " . . . inflexible lenders (which) have rigid rules and require unreasonable loan file documentation," and refers to their rules as "stupid." Bruss cites as evidence the fact that he can't qualify because he owns too many rental properties. They thus qualify for his hit list along with lenders who won't extend him loans and appraisers who won't come up with the values he wants on the properties he deals with.
October 3, 1994 | JACK SMITH
Michele Yepiz, a reader in Lemon Grove, sends my wife what she asserts is the actual text of an article published in a home economics guide for women in Ontario, Canada, in the 1950s. (She told my wife not to show it to me, but I'm devious.) It is preposterous, yet it shows how far women have emerged from domestic bondage in only 45 years. Or have they? It is Neanderthalian, except that Neanderthals did not have such modern artifacts as lipstick and washing machines.
The party started more than an hour ago. Now, your host's house is brimming with interesting characters chatting against a backdrop of soft music. And there you are . . . in the bathroom . . . slowly unlatching the small mirrored door above the wash basin . . . giving the toilet a quick flush with your free hand to muffle any telltale sounds. You draw in a breath and hold it, afraid a bottle or two will come crashing into the sink. But the door opens with nothing more than a click .
September 7, 1991
I'm saddened by the firing of Doug Rader. But, as we all know, in baseball, there has to be a fall guy. I wish Buck Rodgers a lot of luck. However, if I were the Angels, my choice for manager would have to be Dale Carnegie. Maybe he could motivate this group of veterans whose on-base percentages will never equal their respective ages. TONY SHEPHERD West Hollywood
March 14, 1987
I've had it with people complaining about the short-lived inconveniences caused by the marathon-related traffic jams. The long-term benefits of the marathon to L.A. far outweigh such inconvenience. Besides, the event was well publicized, including street closures, and afforded all an opportunity to plan to travel using alternate routes. To the gentleman who suggested rerouting the marathon to Catalina, why doesn't he go there next year at marathon time--on a one-way ticket.
August 7, 1992
Ah yes, I remember fondly the many evenings spent driving through Bob's Big Boy restaurant in Burbank when I was a high school student in the '60s. I'm now a grown-up resident of neighboring Toluca Lake, which means I drive past that eyesore often. I'd prefer not being reminded that our taste in architecture and style is reflected in that building. Mr. Moruzzi's attempt to preserve hamburger stands in making Bob's a state Historic Point of Interest makes me laugh . . . and cringe.
April 22, 1993
Bernie Wayne, 74, composer of popular songs including "There She Is, Miss America," the theme song for the beauty pageant. Born in Patterson, N.J., Wayne also wrote such evergreen hits as "Blue Velvet" and "Laughing on the Outside, Crying on the Inside." His popular instrumentals included "Vanessa," "Port-au-Prince" and "Magic Touch." Recently, he had been working on an autobiography titled "There He Is," and writing country songs.
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