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Health And Safety Violations

April 8, 2007 | T. Christian Miller, Times Staff Writer
Amvac's headquarters in Newport Beach gleams with dark paneling and marble desks, a testament to success. But another part of the company's history lies beneath its factory in Commerce -- a legacy of pollution buried in the soil. The land is contaminated with a variety of pesticides, according to state records. After more than a decade of negotiations, Amvac and California's Department of Toxic Substances Control have yet to agree on a cleanup plan.
April 1, 2007
The Orange County Health Care Agency can shut down food facilities for as long as the owners fail to correct conditions that pose a danger to public health. Here are the restaurants closed in February: Source: Orange County Environmental Health Division *--* Name/Address Date closed- reopened Reason for closure Pho Ever House of 2/1-2/2 Cockroach infestation Noodles 13113 Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove Pomona Meat Market 2/1-2/2 Cockroach infestation 155 W. Pomona St.
February 24, 2007 | Carl MacGowan, Newsday
Videographer Rafael Garcia looked through the windows of a KFC-Taco Bell restaurant in Greenwich Village on Friday morning and saw 30 to 50 rats clambering over chairs, tables and children's highchairs. "I looked in the window and seen these rats," said Garcia, 52. "There were enough creatures in that room that they could have devoured a human being.... It was a frenzy. They were going up walls. They were jumping up and down."
February 7, 2007 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
County officials said Tuesday they are seeking misdemeanor charges against the managers of a downtown wholesale produce market that was the focus of a KNBC-TV investigation aired last week. Dr. Jonathan Fielding, director of public health, said he asked the city attorney to file charges against Alameda Produce Inc. for alleged violations of state health and safety rules at its 7th Street Produce Market. The firm is owned by developer Richard Meruelo.
December 23, 2006
The Orange County Health Care Agency can shut down food facilities for as long as the owners fail to correct conditions that pose a danger to public health. Here are the restaurants closed in November: *--* Name/Address Date closed- reopened Reason for closure *--* *--* El Pollo Loco 11/1-11/2 Cockroach infestation 21212 Bake Parkway, Lake Forest *--* *--* Fresh Donuts 11/1-11/6 Cockroach infestation 940 S. Harbor Blvd.
December 21, 2006 | Jessica Garrison, Times Staff Writer
The Los Angeles city attorney's office Wednesday filed 34 criminal charges against a landlord who allegedly removed pipes, tore out windows and cut off power to his building south of downtown, putting his tenants' health and safety at risk.
October 31, 2006 | Jessica Garrison, Times Staff Writer
First, the landlord yanked the pipes out of their sinks. The Jimenez sisters put buckets underneath to catch the water before it streamed onto the floor. Next, he stripped the facade from the outside of the building, exposing rotting boards and some gaping holes. He removed some windows, allowing cold air and sometimes pigeons into their rooms. Their phone lines were cut, and gas and water service sputtered off and on.
October 19, 2006 | Steve Chawkins, Times Staff Writer
Some attorneys might shy away from using a witness who says he has been abducted by bizarre creatures that repeatedly return at night to poke tiny holes in his chest. But a Santa Barbara County prosecutor said Wednesday that he intends to present testimony from just such a witness next week in a civil case against the owner of the county's largest land-based oil and gas producer.
October 18, 2006 | Jessica Garrison, Times Staff Writer
Three months after declaring he was a victim of harassment by city inspectors, yoga magnate Bikram Choudhury agreed Tuesday to have his company plead guilty to three criminal counts of building and fire code violations. The plea deal allows Choudhury, whose signature brand of heated-room yoga is popular with many celebrities and has spread from Los Angeles to six continents, to avoid criminal charges personally. But, reached after the deal was announced, Choudhury did not sound penitent.
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