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Health Insurance

September 27, 2013 | By Lisa Zamosky and Chad Terhune
Starting Oct. 1, millions of Californians can start signing up for health insurance under the federal Affordable Care Act. In addition to new coverage options, the healthcare law changes the rules of the insurance game for many consumers. It also requires most Americans to get health insurance or pay a penalty. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. Please share your comments or ask questions at . Submissions must include names and phone numbers.
January 31, 2011 | By Lisa Zamosky, Special to the Los Angeles Times
If in the past you tried to buy health insurance for a child with a preexisting health condition and were turned down, it's time to give it another shot. A provision of the federal health reform law and a new California law punish insurers that refuse to sell policies to children. As a result, those younger than 19 will have access to insurance and cannot be denied coverage, regardless of health condition. Jan. 1 marked the start of California's initial open enrollment period, which runs through March 1. During this time, parents can purchase health benefits for their children on the individual insurance market without fear of being denied or of significant increases to monthly premiums for kids with preexisting conditions.
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