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A controversial proposal to establish a 24-hour air ambulance service in the Hollywood Hills, considered all but dead just a week ago, may move forward after all because of strong support from the city of Los Angeles Board of Fire Commissioners. Fire Department officials recommended at a board meeting late last week that the commissioners abandon the $3.
After years of segregating helicopters from other aircraft at John Wayne Airport, county airport officials have requested a study of the possibility of putting heliport operations near the new passenger terminal. The move would enable charter and commuter helicopter companies to operate on the east side of the airport, probably from an old terminal that had been emptied for use as a general aviation facility when the new commercial passenger terminal opened last year.
August 8, 1993 | Associated Press
A helicopter that was landing near the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park hit another copter with its rotor blade Saturday, injuring 14 people, authorities said. One person was seriously injured. The accident occurred at Tusayan heliport just outside the entrance to the canyon's South Rim.
December 11, 1988 | DEAN MURPHY, Times Staff Writer
When President Reagan leaves the White House for Los Angeles next month, he will spend evenings at his $2.5-million Bel-Air estate, workdays in his plush office atop a 34-story Century City skyscraper--and rush hour struggling through traffic with thousands of other Westside commuters.
December 15, 1988 | DEAN MURPHY, Times Staff Writer
When President Reagan leaves the White House for Los Angeles next month, he'll have to put up with monstrous traffic jams just like everybody else--even as he shuttles between his $2.5-million Bel-Air estate, his plush Century City office and the new Presidential library in Simi Valley.
February 8, 1990
The Temple City Sheriff's Station is slated for a $7.4-million expansion that will nearly double its size and add a heliport, Supervisor Pete Schabarum has announced. To ease overcrowding at the 36-year-old station, where some employees work in trailers, the Board of Supervisors has approved a two-story addition plus a service building with a heliport. Noise from the helicopters will be minimal because the helipad will be used only during emergencies, Schabarum said.
October 27, 1996 | From Times Wire Reports
A passenger plane with about 30 people aboard crashed while trying to land in western Siberia, killing five people and injuring 15, officials said. The Emergency Situations Ministry said the Yak-40 missed the runway at Khanty Mansiysk and landed instead at its heliport, overturning two helicopters. The Interfax news agency earlier quoted the ministry as saying that the plane was trying to make an emergency landing.
March 15, 2005 | James Gilden, Special to The Times
Your Cessna Citation X, the fastest business jet in the world, has landed at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, just outside New York City, and your Wall Street appointment is in half an hour. You've just flown 590 mph across the continent, but snarled Manhattan traffic separates you from your business meeting. But you're not worried, because you reserved a helicopter to transfer you from the airport. You will be flying at more than 100 mph high above tunnel and bridge traffic.
February 19, 1990 | From Times staff and Wire reports
A prisoner fell to his death and another was seriously injured when three gunmen in a hijacked helicopter tried to pluck them from the roof of a French prison south of Paris. Officials said the gunmen commandeered the helicopter at a Paris heliport and forced the pilot to fly to the prison south of the city. A rope lowered to carry off the prisoners snapped as they grabbed it, and they fell 50 feet. The pilot landed at a nearby soccer stadium, and the gunmen escaped.
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