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Hells Angeles

April 13, 1987 | KIM MURPHY, Times Staff Writer
The prison warden had ordered the dormitory roll call, and Thomas Chaney was missing. There was a sudden commotion in a side room, the pop of flashbulbs, a body hauled out under a blanket and pushed into a station wagon that sped off into the night. Within hours, the word was out that someone from the Safford, Ariz., prison was looking for Chaney's parents. A cryptic note arrived at the Hell's Angels clubhouse in Ventura: "The body work has been taken care of." It looked like Chaney was dead.
September 6, 2013 | By Tony Perry
A leader of the San Diego chapter of the Hells Angels was sentenced Friday to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple felonies, including solicitation of murder. Stephen Sanders, 44, pleaded guilty to kidnapping, robbery, solicitation to commit murder and assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury. He was sentenced in San Diego County Superior Court by Judge Robert O'Neill. San Diego County Dist. Atty. Bonnie Dumanis said Sanders had planned "to have witnesses and law enforcement officers killed.
June 11, 1989 | From Associated Press
Michael (Irish) O'Farrell, a Hells Angels leader, received the club's traditional funeral honors Saturday as bikers wearing jackets emblazoned with a winged skull escorted his body to a cemetery. O'Farrell, believed by law enforcement officials to be second in the Hells Angels hierarchy only to the motorcycle club's spiritual leader, Ralph (Sonny) Barger Jr., died during a bloody bar brawl on Tuesday. O'Farrell, 40, who along with Barger was awaiting sentencing on federal explosives convictions, was stabbed in the neck, chest and back, as well as being shot four times from behind, according to the Alameda County coroner's office.
March 4, 2013 | By Randy Lewis
There's been no shortage of posthumous Jimi Hendrix releases since the groundbreaking electric guitarist, singer and songwriter died at age 27 in 1970: Only three Hendrix albums charted during his lifetime, while more than three dozen released after his death have made it to the Billboard 200 Albums chart. Still, the appearance this week of three Hendrix albums constitutes something noteworthy. First up is “People, Hell and Angels,” a collection of a dozen previously unreleased studio tracks recorded in 1968 and 1969, sessions culled under the direction of the guitarist's sister, Janie Hendrix, who administers his estate, and producer-engineer Eddie Kramer, who worked closely with Hendrix in those final years of his life.
March 22, 1998
"Beware the Ides of March!" Julius Caesar failed to heed that prophetic warning and died on March 15--so did a little of our freedom down on Ventura's Main Street. The Hells Angels rode into town like an outlaw gang and were met by a massive posse of local, county and national lawmen. I thought I was watching "High Noon" but Gary Cooper was nowhere in sight. And nowhere on Main Street could an Angel or any other rider on two wheels tie up his or her mount because of the posting of dozens of "No Motorcycle Parking--Tow-Away Zone" signs, which went up in the early-morning hours like some poisonous loco weed.
September 14, 1997
Re "Hells Angels Uneasy Riders During Event," Sept. 8: It's so sad to see a good police department stoop to sweating the little stuff when it cites members of the Hells Angels club for jaywalking. Jaywalking? Am I missing something? How many citations for jaywalking have been issued in the entire past year in all of Ventura County? How many in Simi Valley? I'm betting the Hells Angels attorney can win his case on just these statistics. As a combat veteran of World War II, I really don't relish realizing that trifles are what I fought for. Please, don't tell me. Better to keep me in the dark.
February 14, 1993 | KATHIE JENKINS
"You are looking at guys who spend $20,000 to $30,000 for custom Harleys," says Michael Eisenberg, "extensions of their image." And those guys are looking for something to eat. So Eisenberg and his partner Max Hushahn are extending the image of their Sunset Strip bike boutique, Thunder Road. In May they plan to open the 4,000-square-foot Thunder Road House next door; it will be to the motorcycle world what the Hard Rock Cafe is to rock 'n' roll.
March 4, 2001
Re "City Sees Hells Angels Arrests as a Godsend," Feb. 26. I am a lifelong Ventura County resident and at no time has Ventura been thought of as "a haven for Hells Angels." Everyone rides [motorcycles] these days, even those in the district attorney's office. I think that Ventura residents and shop owners need to realize how silly they sound when they say that people stay away from downtown because of the Hells Angels. Much ado about nothing. I won't go as far as to say that [Hells Angels leader George Christie Jr.]
March 11, 2001
Re "City Sees Hells Angels Arrests as a Godsend," Feb. 26. Let's quit glorifying the Hells Angels. I hope that George Christie's latest escapade with the law will forever place the Hells Angels where they belong: in prison. As one of the 99% of motorcyclists who are law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, I cringe every time I hear their name. The "one percenters," as they enjoy being called, contribute nothing to motorcycling and give every one of us a bad name. We renounce them 100%!
October 1, 2006 | Colin Westerbeck
A platinum-palladium print of Penn's image will be included in the fall auction preview at Christie's Beverly Hills Oct. 3-6. * Conde Nast, the parent company of Vogue, still provides a full-time studio for Irving Penn because the fashion magazine publishes new work by him regularly. Now approaching his 90th birthday, Penn has photographed for Vogue continuously since 1943. This longevity is the result of an equilibrium Penn has maintained throughout his career.
June 8, 2012 | By David Zucchino
Federal authorities and police in North and South Carolina have arrested 20 alleged members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang on drug, weapons and money-laundering charges. The 16 men and four women, allegedly members of a Hells Angels affiliate called the Rock Hell City Nomads based in York County, S.C., sold drugs, ran prostitution rings and committed arsons, according to authorities. They also sold weapons they knew would be used in crimes, U.S. Atty. Bill Nettles in Columbia, S.C., said in a statement.
September 25, 2011 | By Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times
The fatal shooting of a California Hells Angels leader during a casino melee with a rival gang Friday night has prompted the mayor of Sparks, Nev., to declare a state of emergency and cancel an annual motorcycle event, authorities said. "The safety and security of the public is our No. 1 priority," Mayor Geno Martini said in a statement Saturday. No suspects have been arrested in the fatal shooting of Jeffrey Pettigrew, 51, president of the San Jose Chapter of the Hells Angels, and the shootings of two members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club during the brawl at John Ascuaga's Nugget Casino Resort, authorities said.
April 8, 2011 | Chris Dufresne
History has done a number (50) on the Angels and all their incarnations: Los Angeles, California, Anaheim and LAA of A. It's been five decades since "The Cowboy," Gene Autry, saddled up to take on Indians (and others) in the American League. Lucky are those who have been tortured from the outset. You could pay for a psychiatrist's home on Maui rehashing the trials and tribulations since that inaugural "play ball!" on April 11, 1961. Babes weaned at the bosom of the 2002 World Series banner will never understand the astronomical anomaly of that San Francisco treat.
July 6, 2010 | By Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times
Sonny Barger is not a religious man. But riding motorcycles is "as good a religion as any and probably better than most," says the Hells Angels icon. Meditative and transcendent, motorcycling focuses the mind, he says, and requires devotion. At 71, Barger has spent six decades riding bikes and 53 years as a member of the country's best-known outlaw motorcycle club. Now he's spreading the gospel of two wheels with his sixth book, "Let's Ride: Sonny Barger's Guide to Motorcycling, How to Ride the Right Way — for Life," co-written with Darwin Holmstrom.
August 12, 2008 | My-Thuan Tran, Times Staff Writer
New charges were filed Monday against Hells Angels members in connection with a double stabbing during a bar fight with a Christian motorcycle gang late last month, Newport Beach police said. Scott Guinn, 23, was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Brian Heslington, 35, was charged with possession of cocaine and a loaded firearm, and Rodrigo Requejo, 34, was charged with assault and battery.
August 9, 2008 | Tony Barboza, Times Staff Writer
Five members of a Christian motorcycle gang were charged Friday with a variety of felony weapons and gang crimes after high-profile raids this week targeting the Anaheim-based group. The charges marked a retreat from Wednesday, when authorities arrested seven members of the Set Free Soldiers, including founder and pastor Phillip Aguilar, on charges of conspiracy to commit murder. An eighth member was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.
September 27, 1986
Two years ago, George (Gus) Christie peeled off his leather jacket and motorcycle boots, hoisted the Olympic flame and easily jogged a kilometer near Point Mugu as part of the 15,000-kilometer Olympic Torch Relay. On Friday, Christie, president of the Ventura chapter of the outlaw Hell's Angels motorcycle club, was ordered held without bail pending his trial on charges that he attempted to arrange the killing of an unidentified federal prisoner in Arizona.
May 7, 1999 | HOLLY J. WOLCOTT
A member of the Ventura chapter of the Hells Angels and two other Thousand Oaks residents were arrested Thursday on suspicion of possessing four pounds of high-quality methamphetamine, sheriff's deputies said. Hells Angels member Edward Jay Gregory, 52, and Joseph Samuel Lively, 57, and his wife, Joan Victoria Lively, 43, are also accused of running a motorcycle shop in Thousand Oaks that allegedly contained numerous stolen parts.
August 7, 2008 | Tony Barboza and H.G. Reza, Times Staff Writers
Long controversial for its aggressive evangelism aimed at those with a troubled past -- ex-convicts and drug addicts among them -- the Anaheim-based Christian motorcycle gang known as the Set Free Soldiers found itself in deeper trouble Wednesday when its leader and half a dozen members were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.
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