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Henry Bellamann

December 13, 1987 | KAREN BALL, Associated Press
Local folks once were so ashamed of the similarities between Fulton and "Kings Row," a novel about a snobbish small town and its sadistic doctor, that the town librarian yanked the book off the shelf. Today, Fulton has discovered new pride in Henry Bellamann's 1940 novel. The city plans to put on public display the two wool suits worn by a star of the 1942 movie based on the book--Ronald Reagan.
June 7, 2004 | Susan King, Times Staff Writer
There were no Oscars for Ronald Reagan during his 30-year acting career and he was ribbed endlessly for starring opposite a chimp named Bonzo, but in retrospect, he was a much more versatile actor than most remember. Film historian Leonard Maltin described Reagan as "a very capable actor, and when he had a good part and a good director, he was very good indeed. Because people have amnesia, they point to his bad movies or his silly movies and mischaracterize his entire career."
August 20, 2006 | Susan King
Ronald Reagan -- The Signature Collection (Warner Home Video, $50) THE late former president was frequently derided as an actor because he played opposite a chimp in "Bedtime for Bonzo" and gave a less than stellar performance in the dreadful "Hellcats of the Navy." But this five-movie DVD set proves his acting was quite good. Reagan, who was under contract for several years to Warner Bros., was handsome and charming, possessed a fine voice and was at ease in both comedy and drama.
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