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Henry Duarte

March 16, 2006 | Valli Herman
The skinny: For the record, L.A. Fashion Week is officially called Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios, hence the website is
March 23, 2007 | Rose Apodaca, Special to The Times
Tightly cinching the belt on a brushed wool coat with enormous bell sleeves, designer Zac Posen stood back to let the photographers do their thing. Demi Moore was cold, and so Posen, the evening's host, obliged by grabbing a coat seen minutes before on a white plastic runway, poolside at Bungalow One of the Chateau Marmont. "This is it! This is the hit!" Moore crooned.
February 28, 1999 | CARLA HALL, Hall is a Times staff writer. Her last feature for the magazine was on Lilly Tartikoff
She's got a blue 1996 dodge Ram truck with white racing stripes sitting in the driveway and an assortment of leather pants and jackets parked in the closet. "I'm kind of a little bit rock 'n' roll, a little bit hillbilly, a little bit fashion victim," muses Suzi Joi Kiefer.
Before L.A. fashion designer William Beranek sits down to an interview, he passes a slip of paper across the table. On it are his typewritten answers to a series of unasked questions. I design both my men's and women's collections for people who are a bit adventurous in their look. Hopefully, my designs are elegant and don't knock you over the head. Beranek is not a control freak trying to direct the conversation.
November 27, 2013 | By Adam Tschorn
For most of the last five years, Parabellum has been a kind of two-man exercise in stealth luxury, with co-founders Mike Feldman and Jason Jones meticulously producing a range of high-end, low-profile leather goods from a converted garage in a residential stretch of Hollywood not far from a Honda dealership. The concept behind the line sounds deceptively simple: Pair smooth, military-grade, high-tech ceramic hardware with deeply textured free-range American bison leather in an exquisitely constructed assortment of goods encompassing $350 wallets, $795 Kevlar-reinforced belts, $2,150 women's handbags with black ceramic ball-and-claw feet and $2,800 duffel bags.
January 24, 1990 | CINDY LaFAVRE YORKS, Yorks is a free-lance writer who regularly contributes to the Times fashion pages.
It was a study in color and the two coasts when the international Men's Fashion Assn. presented its spring, 1990 shows at the Biltmore Hotel. Leading designers from California and New York put forward some of the best efforts of the MFA shows, with those from the East tending toward subdued silhouettes and shades--taupe was among the favorites--while those from the West opted for wider shapes and warmer, spice colors.
It doesn't take much searching to find trendy women's clothing at discount prices in Southern California. But unearthing cut-priced, cutting-edge menswear takes a bit of ingenuity. Discount stores such as Monopoly and Half Off in Los Angeles, Max Mart in West Hollywood, Armani Wells in Studio City and Piller's in Eagle Rock sell everything from designer clothing and sportswear to hip street fashion for 50% to 75% below retail. Some also carry great vintage clothing.
April 15, 2007 | Valli Herman, Times Staff Writer
THEY say there isn't a rivalry. There are more than a dozen schools in L.A. County that teach fashion design, but Otis and FIDM, as the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is known, are the biggest and the best. Both have main campuses downtown. Both get scouted by major design houses. Both have alumni whose work could be in your closet. Both offer courses you'd never see at another college. Neither has a football team.
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