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Henry Robinson

February 8, 1985 | Associated Press
An American millionaire has donated Ightham Mote, one of Britain's finest moated manor houses, to the National Trust, the preservation organization announced Thursday. Charles Henry Robinson of Portland, Me., had bequeathed the 14th-Century manor house near Sevenoaks, Kent, to the National Trust when his will was written in 1953. Now in his 90s and unable to travel to Britain, Robinson decided the house should be handed over in his lifetime, the trust said.
June 24, 1995
Santa Ana can honestly say that Albert Einstein stopped here. The famed physicist made a brief visit to the city on Dec. 31, 1930, during a car trip with Henry Robinson, head of Security First National Bank in Los Angeles. Einstein and Robinson were traveling from San Diego to Pasadena, where the physicist was to spend three months doing research. Einstein was in Santa Ana only a few hours before heading north. But his presence was noted by residents who saw him.
October 30, 1985 | GEORGE RAMOS, Times Staff Writer
Two prominent New York naturalists, who faced imprisonment for trying to smuggle rare Australian bird eggs into the United States, instead were ordered Tuesday to produce a videotape about birds of prey to show to Los Angeles schoolchildren. U.S. District Judge William Rea also ordered William Henry Robinson, 49, of Saugerties, N.Y., and Jonathan James Wood, 29, of Roxbury, N.Y., to pay fines, $3,996 and $5,000 respectively, to the U.S.
March 25, 1988 | LINDA WILLIAMS, Times Staff Writer
The water bed industry, which prospered during the past 20 years despite Johnny Carson's jokes and nervous landlords, has been hit with with a bucket full of cold water. "Sales are very soft," said Ron Lewis, president of Advance Sleep Products, the Carson-based water bed manufacturing subsidiary of Ohio Mattress Co. He noted that the $2-billion-a-year industry's revenues were down in both 1986 and 1987.
December 28, 2006
Dec. 28, 1930: Pasadena planned to go to great lengths to please a famous visitor, The Times reported. "When Dr. Albert Einstein arrives here New Year's Day, he will receive the most unusual tribute ever accorded a distinguished guest by any American city -- he will be left alone," the newspaper said. "The famous physicist's hosts, Arthur H. Fleming, president of the board of trustees of the California Institute of Technology, and Henry M.
May 15, 1994 | Charles Champlin, Champlin, former arts editor of The Times, spent 17 years as a Time-Life writer and correspondent
Henry Robinson Luce died in 1967 at the age of 68 in Phoenix, where he had been living in semi-retirement with his wife Clare Boothe Luce. He was wealthy beyond the dreams of need. Life magazine, which at one point was read by one in every three Americans, was being gravely wounded by television's competition for ad dollars and would die as a weekly only four years later. But Time Inc.
April 7, 1985 | GREGORY JENSEN, United Press International
As the last act in a remarkable 60-year saga, an American has made a gift to the English nation of a magical mansion he preserved. Ightham Mote is a 645-year-old stately home described as "the most perfect example of a medieval moated manor house left in England." It remains that way because of Charles Henry Robinson of Cape Elizabeth, Me. Robinson, now 93, first saw Ightham Mote (pronounced "item moat") from a bicycle in the early 1920s.
September 16, 1993 | EARL GUSTKEY
Giles Pellerin, USC's "Superfan," had a message Tuesday for his friends from a Harrisburg, Pa., hospital: "Don't count me out." In other words, the 86-year-old Pellerin's streak of having attended 729 consecutive USC football games--that's every game since the 1926 opener--isn't necessarily over. Pellerin collapsed after suffering a ruptured abdominal aneurysm Sunday, as he was preparing to check out of a Harrisburg hotel.
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