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June 28, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
Two Indian cabinet ministers recently met a Hindu religious leader in an attempt to settle a bitter dispute over the site of a 16th century Muslim mosque that was destroyed by Hindu hard-liners, the Press Trust of India reported. Hindu activists tore down the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya in 1992. Afterward, some 2,000 people were killed in nationwide Hindu-Muslim clashes.
June 15, 2003 | Prajnan Bhattacharya, Associated Press Writer
At her summer camp, 10-year-old Stuti Gupta is learning to use guns, leap through rings of fire, and fight with knives and wooden truncheons -- skills that India's most powerful Hindu nationalist group tells her she needs to protect her faith. The World Hindu Council's women's wing is holding training camps in several parts of India, where girls learn martial arts and are "ordained" with metal tridents, the symbol of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction.
March 24, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
Twenty-four Hindus have been shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Jammu and Kashmir, in the worst outbreak of violence since elections were held to try to bring peace to India's only Muslim-majority state. Police said women and children were among the dead. The attack was in the village of Nadi Marg, south of Srinagar, the state's summer capital. Indian police in Srinagar said gunmen disarmed police guarding the village before the attack.
February 15, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
Hindu nationalists raided shops in suburban Bombay, India, and burned cards and gifts for Valentine's Day, which they say goes against traditional Indian values. "Save Indian culture!" shouted activists. Protesters also marched in Lucknow and set fire to Valentine's Day cards there. Notes in Hindi were pasted on shops saying, "Valentine's Day is ... obscene and against our tradition."
February 5, 2003 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
A court in India's Madhya Pradesh state has ruled that eunuchs are male, barring Kamla Jaan from becoming mayor of Katni because the post was set aside for women to encourage their participation in politics. Jaan -- the first eunuch to win public office in India -- plans to appeal to the Supreme Court. Eunuchs live on society's edges, begging and collecting tips for dancing at weddings, blessing babies and participating in ceremonies. They consider themselves women.
December 13, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
Tens of thousands of armed police protected voters but couldn't quell all sectarian violence in India's Gujarat state, where rioting this year claimed 1,000 lives, mostly Muslims killed by Hindus. Two exit polls predicted that the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party would be returned to power in Gujarat, but with a smaller margin. The party is accused of fomenting the riots.
December 1, 2002 | From Associated Press
A surge of violence in the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir left 10 people dead Saturday. In the first attack, a bomb exploded on a busy street in the Khanyar area of Srinagar, the summer capital of India's Jammu and Kashmir state. Police said that the bomb targeted a police van carrying detainees to a court but that it exploded prematurely. Three policemen and six civilians, including two children, were hurt.
November 18, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
Hundreds of Hindu protesters were arrested as police broke up a banned rally in western India's Gujarat state, where religious clashes have killed about 1,000 people this year. The 2-week-long rally planned by the Hindu nationalists was to start in Godhra, where a Muslim mob's arson attack on a train carrying mostly Hindus in February triggered India's worst religious riots in a decade.
November 16, 2002 | Richard C. Paddock, Times Staff Writer
In an elaborate ceremony of prayer and animal sacrifice, thousands of Balinese Hindus gathered Friday to drive away evil and purify the site where 191 people died last month in a car bombing. The islanders asked for forgiveness, prayed for the victims of the attack and expressed hope that visitors from around the world will soon come back to their homeland. "No more blood and tears in Bali," Indonesian Welfare Minister Yusuf Kalla told the crowd.
September 27, 2002 | From Associated Press
Hindu nationalists held angry protest marches and mobs stabbed two Muslim men in western India on Thursday as Muslims fled their homes to seek safety, fearing revenge riots after a bloody attack on a Hindu temple. Paramilitary police deployed in several towns in Gujarat state, and officials said they were confident that they could prevent a repetition of the sectarian violence that erupted in the state for three months earlier this year, leaving 1,000 dead, mostly Muslims.
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