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April 14, 2004 | From a Times staff writer
HBO is planning a comedy series for this summer about a rising young movie star who is accompanied on his Hollywood adventures by his brother and a couple of friends from the old neighborhood in Queens. Mark Wahlberg is one of the executive producers of "Entourage" and will make a cameo appearance in the first episode, HBO said. Also lined up for cameos are Jessica Alba, Luke Wilson, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman.
April 12, 2004 | Elizabeth Jensen, Times Staff Writer
HBO is set to air "Looking for Fidel," filmmaker Oliver Stone's long-in-the-works documentary on Cuban leader Fidel Castro, on Wednesday. Actually, to be more accurate, "Looking for Fidel," is the second Castro documentary from Stone, although it will be the first to be seen by all but a few early festival attendees.
March 5, 2004 | Scott Collins, Times Staff Writer
Tony Soprano may whack the networks this Sunday -- again. And like "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero before them, the victims seem resigned to their fate. As "The Sopranos" returns for its fifth season on HBO, there's a nagging question hanging over America's broadcast networks: What happened to Sundays? In a sign of larger changes shaking the television industry, the broadcasters are facing some huge problems on what was once their biggest night.
August 15, 2003 | Greg Braxton
HBO's partnership with veteran producer Steven Bochco is breaking up. The pay cable network has announced it is not moving forward with Bochco's proposed "Marriage" series, a drama centering on a married New York City couple and set entirely in their bedroom. Executives at the network said they didn't feel the bedroom-only setting could be sustained for multiple episodes. Bochco, meanwhile, is developing something with which he's had much more success: a new police drama.
August 3, 2003 | Chris Kraul, Times Staff Writer
It was nearly 90 years ago, in the formative years of cinema, when a film crew from the then movie capital of Fort Lee, N.J., descended on a tiny, war-torn Mexican border town. They were there to capture the star power of revolutionary general Pancho Villa, shooting battle scenes that were choreographed with the full and richly compensated cooperation of the leader himself.
July 22, 2003 | Elaine Dutka
Tom Hanks and his producing partner, Gary Goetzman -- whose "Band of Brothers" followed the World War II European campaign through the eyes of a company of soldiers -- will re-team with director Steven Spielberg to create a 10-part miniseries about U.S. battles against the Japanese in the Pacific during that period, the Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety reported Monday. Like the 2001 outing (which won six Emmys), it will air on HBO.
July 18, 2003 | Brian Lowry, Times Staff Writer
Home Box Office separated itself from the pack and raced away with the most nominations by far, including four out of 10 best-series contenders, as candidates for the 55th annual nighttime Emmy Awards were unveiled Thursday. Coupled with its longtime domination of TV movie categories, the pay channel's inroads in the series balloting led to a lopsided tally of 109 nominations, versus 77 for second-place NBC.
June 21, 2003 | Elizabeth Jensen, Times Staff Writer
Camera-toting tourists and frustrated paparazzi. Excessive numbers of security people, including a Donald Rumsfeld-sorta-look-alike that had some doing a double take. A long line to get in the door, well after the event was supposed to start. Another successful HBO party. You could tell that this one, Wednesday night, was for the fashion-minded series "Sex and the City" by the number of female guests in spiky heels, as well as with outfits that screamed, "Trying way too hard."
March 20, 2003 | Greg Braxton, Times Staff Writer
HBO on Wednesday declared an official end to its bitter contract dispute with James Gandolfini, star of the cable network's popular drama "The Sopranos." But still up in the air is how much the actor will be paid. Executives said the cable network received formal notification late Tuesday that the actor had dropped the lawsuit he had filed to get out of his contract, and that he plans to return to work under the terms of his original deal.
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