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Homeless Services

June 22, 1990
The people of Los Angeles are to be complimented for their achievements in homeless services. I am homeless and the day that I arrived in Los Angeles, I received a room, food stamps and an opportunity to reciprocate for this assistance through workfare. While imperfect, I am impressed by the city's innovations and encourage others to follow suit. Los Angeles, keep up the good work! JAMES A. JOHNSON Los Angeles
June 22, 2008 | Jennifer Wolch, Gary Blasi and Michael Dear, Jennifer Wolch and Michael Dear are professors of geography at USC. Gary Blasi is a law professor at UCLA.
Nearly 18 months ago, a group of scholars released a study on homelessness in Los Angeles County. The report, "A Reality-based Approach to Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles," said that a worsening economy, a shortage of affordable housing, cutbacks in welfare programs and personal vulnerabilities (including mental disabilities and health-related issues) were all contributing to a rise in homelessness in the county, and that skid row was bearing the brunt of the burden of caring for them.
Corey Swan was 16, he says, when he "just upped and left" his home in Miami. His girlfriend had been violently killed. "That tore me up," he said. "I lost my sense of reality." For years, Swan wandered the country, emotionally disabled, spending time in New York and Chicago before finally arriving in St. Louis in 1986. Although he does not consider himself homeless--he has never slept on the street--Swan's address for the last several years has been a downtown homeless shelter.
February 21, 1997
The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority held the first of several public hearings Thursday designed to let homeless agencies coordinate their strategies. The meeting, held in South-Central Los Angeles, was attended by several agencies that work under the umbrella of the authority, a joint city-county operation that coordinates homeless services.
June 13, 1990 | United Press International
The District of Columbia City Council on Tuesday approved a bill that effectively guts the city's landmark 1984 voter-mandated right-to-shelter law, claiming that the measure had been too costly. The council voted to amend Initiative 17, which orders the city to provide emergency shelter to anyone requesting it, regardless of its budget constraints. The city spent $10 million on its homeless program in 1985, compared to nearly $40 million in federal and local funds for homeless programs in 1989.
March 19, 1996 | KATE FOLMAR
Hoping to obtain more money for homeless services in the San Fernando Valley, about 40 activists and heads of social service organizations presented their funding priorities Monday before representatives of the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority. LAHSA is the city-county umbrella agency that last year administered the county's $71 million in Housing and Urban Development funds for homeless services.
November 14, 1997
Homeless rights activists took turns chaining themselves to a boarded-up hotel Thursday in an effort to get the city of Santa Monica to provide emergency shelter during the rain. Jennafer Waggoner and Linda Armstrong spent Thursday afternoon chained by their wrists to a pole behind the closed Flamingo Hotel on Ocean Avenue. They said they planned to stay until an emergency Red Cross shelter or the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium was opened to allow homeless people a place to sleep out of the rain.
December 23, 2006 | Cara Mia DiMassa, Times Staff Writer
As the thermometer plunged toward the freezing mark Thursday night, Roland Jones donned seven T-shirts and four sweat shirts and pulled a sleeping bag over his wheelchair. And then, outside near the corner of 6th and San Pedro streets in skid row, his home of the last six years, Jones tried to go to sleep.
February 1, 1986 | SEBASTIAN DORTCH, Times Staff Writer
Assemblyman Peter Chacon (D-San Diego) Friday announced plans to introduce a $30-million proposal to provide aid for the state's growing homeless population. The legislation, called the Homeless Relief Act of 1986, would provide jobs, food, clothing and help in finding housing to Californians who have no place to live. There are about 500,000 homeless in California, 5,000 of them in San Diego County, according to Supervisor Leon Williams, who was at the press conference announcing the proposal.
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