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September 1, 2011 | By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times
J.C. Penney Co. has stopped selling a shirt for girls after shoppers expressed outrage over what they called an inappropriate and sexist message. "I'm too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me," said the message scrawled across the white, long-sleeve shirt, which was intended for girls ages 7 to 16. The shirt was available only through J.C. Penney's website. Customers immediately criticized J.C. Penney for promoting girls' looks over their brains. "This shirt is insulting and offensive.
April 13, 1995
Your article, "Homework--the Latest Household Dilemma" (March 29) fails to point out what really should be done with homework, at least at the elementary-school level, and that is to abolish it. My recent review of the research literature on homework shows virtually no empirical evidence for the efficacy of homework as a teaching tool. My clinical experience leads me to conclude that homework is the single largest cause of friction among family members. JAMES E. GARDNER Board Certified Clinical Psychologist Los Angeles
December 11, 2007 | SANDY BANKS
My column Saturday on the campaign by a San Marino mom to persuade school officials to cut back on "useless and ineffective" homework assignments uncorked a storm of bottled-up angst among readers, from Santa Monica to Pasadena to Orange County. The woman I wrote about, Tracy Mason, said her middle-school daughter's homework load had crowded out sports activities, impinged on family time and turned their household into a battleground.
November 16, 1993 | ED BOND
Homework isn't just for students anymore in Burbank. The Burbank school board is rewriting its nine-year-old policy on homework, trying to underscore the importance of parents getting involved in their children's education. The new policy is to be presented to the board for a vote next month.
June 19, 1996
The opening of a computerized homework center was celebrated Tuesday by city officials and residents at the Los Angeles Public Library's Arroyo Seco branch in Highland Park. Students will be able to use CD-ROM installations to access a variety of databases and reference materials to help them with their homework, said city librarian Susan Kent. To help youngsters find their way around cyberspace as well as the bookshelves, the library has hired a homework center assistant.
January 6, 1996 | JEFF KASS
Homework centers at four local elementary schools and the Boys and Girls Club are set to open by the end of the month, John Bennett, deputy school superintendent, said this week. A $28,560 grant from the 3M Foundation will cover the full cost of the centers for their first year of operation, Bennett said. The Santa Ana Unified School District hopes to win grants from 3M and other businesses to maintain and expand centers after that.
June 10, 1992 | MARESA ARCHER
The County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved a funding request from the Placentia Library District to start an after-school homework assistance program aimed at Latino students. The district will receive $41,000 to begin the program, which will offer tutors for students as well as their parents.
July 3, 2011
Free-trade battles Re "GOP balks over job provision in trade proposals," Business, June 29 The Times' headline insinuates that Republicans are to blame for the trade pact with South Korea not going through. In fact, Republicans have been pushing free-trade agreements for years, especially with South Korea and Colombia, and the Democrats and the union lobby have been stonewalling them. Now that the Democrats have inserted a piece of pork into the bill — a very expensive, ineffective worker retraining rider, which the Republicans rightly oppose — The Times seems to blame the Republicans.
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