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June 29, 1985
Paul Conrad's cartoon (June 23), depicting President Reagan as the 41st hostage shackled to a Star of David, is an outrage. American and Israeli policy on this issue is both clear and correct. No capitulation to terrorist demands. Otherwise, we will forever be at their mercy. There is never a final payment made to terrorists; it merely escalates with every perceived success they achieve. To refresh Conrad's memory, those were Shia terrorists who hijacked the TWA flight and brutally killed an American serviceman and flung his body onto the Tarmac at Beirut Airport.
June 28, 2009 | Edmund Sanders
Widowed and HIV-positive, Beatrice Acheing had no money to have her baby delivered in a hospital. But she admitted herself anyway to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus during childbirth. To her relief, the boy was born HIV-negative. But their ordeal had just begun. Hours after labor, both mother and baby were shunted into a locked, guarded room with other indigent patients. They were given one meal, sometimes two, a day, but no clothes or diapers for the infants.
December 4, 1990 | Reuters
American missionary Stephen Schaeffer said Monday that he and New Zealand missionary John Marsh were treated well during their 12 days as hostages of Papuan rebels fighting for independence of Indonesian-ruled Irian Jaya. Schaeffer said they had not felt threatened by their captors and had kept up their spirits by praying daily in the guerrillas' jungle hide-out until their release last Friday.
October 24, 1985 | Associated Press
The United States should put armed sky marshals aboard international flights again to cut down the chances of hijackings, one of the former hostages from a TWA hijacking in the Mideast told a group of senators today. Peter Hill of Hoffman Estates, Ill., was one of the Americans aboard TWA Flight 847 when it was hijacked last June and taken to Beirut.
November 10, 1988
The Southern California Rapid Transit District has been making a lot of noise lately about being held hostage by the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission. But officials haven't said one word about the RTD itself holding the bus riders in the San Gabriel Valley hostage. RTD seems to have put its turf ahead of its riders. We think that there is a way for the RTD to get out of a financial disaster that the RTD itself has created. The Foothill Transit Zone was approved by the commission almost one year ago. This zone will run 20 lines that the RTD has operated--with cost savings of more than 35% and better service than the RTD provides.
Appropriately enough, a fine new look at Irish playwright Brendan Behan's late-'50s dark farce "The Hostage" comes from a director named Jack O'Brien. The artistic helmsman of the Old Globe has revived the late Behan's cockeyed view of the Irish-English "troubles" with fresh irreverence worthy of the rebellious, liquor-loving playwright himself.
September 19, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
Jo Rosano, mother of a U.S. military contractor who was held captive by leftist rebels, will become a Colombian citizen in Washington, D.C., today, when President Alvaro Uribe meets the former hostage, Marc Gonsalves, and two fellow ex-hostages for the first time. Uribe will give the oath to Rosano, of Bristol, Conn., who will be a dual citizen. "I love Colombia and I love the people," Rosano said. Rosano visited the country three times after her son was taken hostage when his plane crashed in February 2003.
October 15, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Two fugitives released one hostage only to take another before fleeing authorities who have been tracking them for four days. The inmates, Bob Leach, 38, and Gerald Gantt, 45, left hostage Joyce Silvius at a home they had broken into, then abducted a second woman from the house, police said. The fugitives belong to a gang of five inmates who escaped Thursday from the Grayson County Jail, about 60 miles north of Dallas. Police have so far captured three of the men.
June 11, 1986 | Associated Press
The Rev. Benjamin Weir, a former missionary to Lebanon who was kidnaped and held hostage by Shia Muslims for 16 months, today was elected to the top position in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Weir received 356 votes, 23 more than needed, to be elected moderator by delegates to the church's 198th General Assembly.
January 26, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
A correctional officer held captive by two inmates for more than a week in a Buckeye prison watch tower told negotiators she was all right, officials said. Negotiators also are getting "increasingly more compliant responses from the hostage-takers," said Ivan Bartos, an Arizona Department of Corrections official. "It's a sign that negotiations have been effective."
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