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Hot Pursuit

February 14, 1988 | Pat H. Broeske \f7
Action queen Sybil Danning is going back into action . . . starring as a tough bounty hunter in pursuit of a master criminal in "L.A. Bounty." Danning will produce, via her new Adventuress Prods. To be filmed in and around town in early spring (no word yet on who will direct), the story line involves the kidnaping of a mayoral candidate (described as "Gary Hart-ish"). His kidnaping throws suspicion on L.A.'s black incumbent mayor (said to be a "loner" type, a la Danning's character).
July 28, 2013 | By Lauren Williams
At the corner of Loma Avenue and 4th Street, the Dark Knight keeps watch over the sleeping town below. Perched atop the firehouse, the Batman figurine - his gaze steady, his pose vigilant - looms as a symbol of the busy nights in the Belmont Heights neighborhood on Long Beach's east side that Fire Station 4 serves. The Belmont Heights station is one of several in Long Beach that have adopted icons that reflect the area they serve, following a New York City tradition that dates to the time of horse-drawn fire wagons.
March 10, 2003 | Robert W. Welkos
Had Tommy Lee Jones been cast as the FBI agent chasing Leonardo DiCaprio in the hit film "Catch Me If You Can," it would have been a very different movie, but the title is a perfect fit for Jones. Ever since he appeared opposite Harrison Ford in the 1993 blockbuster "The Fugitive," in which he played a U.S. marshal in hot pursuit of Dr. Richard Kimble, the Texas-born, Harvard-educated Jones seems to be a frequent choice whenever Hollywood is looking for a determined pursuer. In "U.S.
March 23, 2013 | By Jim Peltz
It's only five weeks into the NASCAR season and Denny Hamlin can't keep himself out of the news. First, NASCAR fined him $25,000 for questioning the capability of the Sprint Cup Series' new race car. That was followed by his widely publicized feud with rival driver and former teammate Joey Logano. Then Hamlin won the pole position for Sunday's race at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. Hamlin's No. 11 Toyota, he said, "was just ridiculous fast. " Now the headlines Hamlin seeks are those announcing his first win of the season and first victory at Auto Club Speedway, where the Virginian has never won in 12 Cup starts.
December 21, 1986 | From the Washington Post
Defense Minister Humberto Ortega said Saturday that Nicaragua will continue to pursue U.S.-backed contras into "border territories" inside Honduras and fight them there despite recent tensions between the two nations. Ortega said, however, that Nicaragua "has no interest" in engaging in battle with Honduran forces. Nicaragua's highest military commander made his comments in an interview at the closing ceremonies of a three-hour war game near Managua. A mock U.S.
For much of the way, "Hot Pursuit" (citywide) seems an amiable enough adventure-comedy: a gaudily fast travelogue-romp about a desperate Dan chasing his sweetie through the tropics. If it stayed on that level--and didn't begin suffering from gunfight/car-crash delusions of grandeur--it might have been a satisfying movie. But midway through, "boy-chases-girl" turns frantically into a slapstick "Old Man and the Sea." Then we're plunged into some kind of hellish sub-"Salvador" police war.
August 15, 1986 | Associated Press
Mexican President Miguel de la Madrid on Thursday denied he may allow U.S. aircraft to cross the Mexican border in pursuit of drug traffickers. De la Madrid told a National Press Club luncheon: "There is no basis for such information. We are convinced of the need of more effective cooperation, but with full respect for the sovereignty and the right of each nation and without allowing the public forces of another country to go into the other country when waging this battle."
May 15, 1988 | JOE B. McKNIGHT, Associated Press
They're just four street cops and a real estate agent until they take their guitars, keyboard and drums before a high school audience. Then they become "Hot Pursuit," a rock band with a message: Stay away from drugs. In just over a year, they have taken that message to high school auditoriums and gymnasiums from here to New Jersey. They have cut a record album, appeared on national television, performed at a White House anti-drug conference and have been invited to China.
Who says crime doesn't pay? A new commercial cable station wants to broadcast a South Bay crime show developed for Torrance's government access channel, and is willing to pay the city up to $5,000 for each half-hour episode. The Crime Channel, a Sherman Oaks-based cable service, wants to buy non-exclusive broadcasting rights to "In Hot Pursuit, South Bay's Most Wanted," a local version of Fox Television's "America's Most Wanted" crime series.
April 27, 1998 | AARON CURTISS, Times staff writer Aaron Curtiss reviews video games every Monday in The Cutting Edge
The same part of our brains that commands the words "uh, sure" when someone asks if we want to see something gross must be the same part that compels us to watch televised police chases. We all know the moron is either going to end up dead or in jail, but some sort of ghoulish thrill keeps us glued to the tube. The same goes for the latest installment in the "Need for Speed" racing series.
February 7, 2013 | By Jenn Harris
Want to get an eyeful of David Beckham's bum? How about the hot soccer star picking a wedgie, twice? Beckham does that and much more in the new commercial for H&M David Beckham bodywear directed by Guy Ritchie. Marc Atlan was creative director on the commercial, shot on location in Los Angeles. It features Beckham clad only in green underwear running around the streets of Beverly Hills in pursuit of his robe, which has been caught in a car door and is being dragged along. He leaps over fences, races down the street, kicks a soccer ball, swims the length of a pool and jumps over a car hood, all while wearing nothing but his knickers.
February 6, 2013 | By Chris Foster
A fence sitter has fallen to UCLA. Isaac Savaiinaea, a middle linebacker from Honolulu Punahou, signed with the Bruins on Wednesday. It's doubtful Hawaii Coach Norm Chow had a chance at him. GRAPHIC: UCLA recruits Savaiinaea, who is 6 feet 3, 235 pounds, is ranked third at his position by Notre Dame was in hot pursuit. ALSO: UCLA recruiters hit the road, and it's paying well   National signing day:UCLA lands defensive end Kylie Fitts National signing day: UCLA gets Sean Covington, Caleb Benenoch
March 9, 2012 | By Melissa Rohlin
Of the teams hoping to court Peyton Manning, the Miami Dolphins seem to have many powerful supporters. Donald Trump and Dwyane Wade have publicly said they would like Manning to play for the Dolphins, the Miami Heat star tweeting : "I'm just gonna put it out thr..peyton that number 18 wld look gr8 in a dolphins uniform..steve ross let's go.. marlins & heat style..All in" Not so fast. Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin told reporters that he has not yet spoken to Manning -- but added that he intends to soon.  "Obviously, he's had a phenomenal career up to this point," Philbin said before a Thursday evening Make-A-Wish Foundation auction at Miami's Sun Life Stadium.
July 8, 2011 | By David Karp, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Last Wednesday at the Santa Monica market, rivulets of sweat coursed down the brow of Ron Cornelsen, a stone fruit grower from Reedley, and it was only 9 a.m. The previous day it had been 107 degrees in his orchard, and the monsoonal humidity made things so miserable that he had to pay his workers a 30% premium to harvest under such brutal conditions, he said. Even worse, after an unusual late downpour last week, much of his crop dropped from the trees and developed brown rot when it warmed up. When the heat takes such a toll on both humans and produce, it's time to appreciate those growers, like Cornelsen, who get up at 3 a.m. and drive in from the Fresno area to sell personally at farmers markets.
November 17, 2010 | By Gary Klein
USC defensive linemen intend to turn up the pressure when the Trojans play Saturday at Oregon State. USC ranks seventh in the Pacific 10 Conference with only 22 sacks. But there could be more opportunities against a Beavers offensive line that includes several walk-ons and former walk-ons and gives up nearly three sacks a game. The Trojans' much-maligned pass defense, ranked 116th among 120 major college teams, could certainly use a strong game from the line. "We've talked about it," defensive tackle Jurrell Casey said.
January 24, 2010 | By Nicole Rudick
The Golden Calf A Novel Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov Translated from the Russian by Konstantin Gurevich and Helen Anderson Open Letter: 336 pp., $15.95 paper From 1928 to 1932, the Soviet Union carried out the first Five Year Plan, initiated the disastrous policy of collectivization and strengthened the gulag. But if there was a bright spot in those years of budding brutality, it may have been the writing team of Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov, who in the satirical novels "The Twelve Chairs" (1928)
April 11, 1993 | CHRIS WILLMAN
* * * The Pursuit of Happiness, "The Downward Road," Chrysalis. Moe Berg writes about the up-and-down sexual mores of the post-collegiate, pre-middle-age set (remember "I'm an Adult Now"?) with a disarming frankness that's funny, crude, calloused, embarrassing and occasionally even sweet. The fact that these riffy, catchy rock gems are packaged with even punchier rhythms this third time around (via Living Colour producer Ed Stasium) ensures pop pleasure seekers hot pursuit.
July 28, 2009 | Mike DiGiovanna
The Angels' hopes of acquiring Toronto ace Roy Halladay are fading, but the team remains in active pursuit of Cliff Lee, the Cleveland ace and 2008 American League Cy Young Award winner, as well as several late-inning relievers. Like Halladay, Lee, who is 7-9 with a 3.14 earned-run average in 22 starts, is signed through 2010 -- there is a team option on him for a reasonable $8 million next season -- but the Angels and Indians don't appear to be a good match for a trade.
March 23, 2009 | Mike Bresnahan
The Lakers aren't sneaking peeks out of the corners of their eyes. They insist they're not checking the out-of-town scoreboard to see how the Cleveland Cavaliers are faring. But that could be coming up soon. The Lakers (55-14) remain close to the Cavaliers (57-13) for the league's top record, important for brief bragging rights until the playoffs begin, and then home-court advantage from there on out.
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