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Hudson Bay

January 13, 2004 | Marla Cone, Times Staff Writer
Pitching a makeshift tent on the sea ice, where the Arctic Ocean meets the North Atlantic, brothers Mamarut and Gedion Kristiansen are ready to savor their favorite meal. Nearby lies the carcass of a narwhal, a reclusive beast with an ivory tusk like a unicorn's. Mamarut slices off a piece of muktuk, the whale's raw pink blubber and mottled gray skin, as a snack. "Peqqinnartoq," he says in Greenlandic. Healthy food. Mamarut's wife, Tukummeq Peary, a descendant of famed North Pole explorer Adm.
April 5, 1987
In Canada, nothing represents tradition more than the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Hudson's Bay Co. But in Canada, as here, economic reality is toppling tradition. As visitors to the north are aware, Hudson's Bay metropolitan stores have gone modern. Known universally as "the Bay" stores, they are as up to date as any U.S. department store, often found anchoring a suburban shopping center. But now Hudson's Bay Co.
June 18, 1998
Hudson's Bay Co. Digital Collection, provided by the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, is a graphical collection of 19th and 20th century aboriginal (and European and Canadian) artifacts. The address is:
September 27, 2008 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
A traveler walking along the eastern bank of Hudson Bay in northern Quebec can stand on the oldest bedrock known on Earth. This section of the planet's crust may be as much as 4.28 billion years old, researchers Jonathan O'Neil of McGill University and Richard Carlson of the Carnegie Institution reported Friday in the journal Science.
October 16, 2010 | By Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times
It's not easy being Gavin Newsom. In righteously progressive San Francisco, the two-term mayor who calls himself a "pro-business Democrat" has been slammed as too conservative, even as he grappled creatively with chronic homelessness, signed into law the city's groundbreaking universal healthcare program and even helped make composting compulsory. Everywhere else, though, he's the liberal who rubbed the nation's nose in gay marriage. Now, as the 43-year-old finds himself in a tight race for lieutenant governor against Republican incumbent Abel Maldonado, he will need to persuade voters that he is more than the Gay Marriage Mayor ?
December 8, 1992 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Discovery's astronauts focused their computerized military camera on Madagascar and a Hudson Bay island and received laser signals from an Air Force ground station. The crewmen logged their second successful laser test as the space shuttle flew over the Hawaiian island of Maui, on the mission's 82nd orbit. They said their laser receiver got signals for about two minutes.
December 18, 1994 | From Reuters
A small Canadian company present at the birth of the nation has been brought back to life and is flourishing by looking to its roots, including fur-trading. Although North West Co. Inc. was founded in 1779, it spent most of the past 200 years as a division of its onetime rival, Hudson's Bay Co. But in 1987, a group of employees and investors bought the division, repatriated the North West Co. name, and started to take the reborn company forward by looking backward.
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