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November 17, 2011
A roundup of entertainment headlines for Thursday. Tyler Perry addresses his fans regarding outrage over casting Kim Kardashian: "YOU HAVE BEEN HEARD!! ...LOL. " ( ) Ricky Gervais will be returning to trash Hollywood's elite for January's Golden Globe Awards. ( Los Angeles Times ) But the excitement of his return isn't shared by all. ( Los Angeles Times ) Today, Jimmy Kimmel celebrates National Unfriend Day. Will it rival Thanksgiving one day?
August 26, 2011 | By Jeannine Stein, Los Angeles Times / For the Booster Shots blog
Anyone seen actor Jonah Hill lately? We did a double-take at the newsstand the other day when we spied the current issue of New York magazine featuring Brad Pitt and some other good-looking guy. Upon closer inspection, said guy was actually Hill, minus about a million pounds. The former chubster has slimmed down considerably. He allegedly did it the old-fashioned way: diet and exercise. He follows in the footsteps of funny former male fatties such as Seth Rogan, Horatio Sanz and George Lopez, who have all noticeably trimmed their waistlines.
August 1, 2011
A roundup of entertainment headlines for Monday. Helen Mirren apparently has the "Body of the Year" at age 66. When she walks by, you can say "Daaaaaaaame!" ( Los Angeles Times ) Somehow "The Smurfs" managed to virtually tie the star-heavy "Cowboys & Aliens" at the box office this weekend. ( Los Angeles Times ) A giant statue of Marilyn Monroe is dividing the people of Chicago. Is it "terrific" or "creepy schlock"? ( Los Angeles Times ) The Kings of Leon are rescheduling shows after lead singer Caleb Followill melted down onstage in Dallas.
July 29, 2011
A roundup of entertainment headlines for Friday. After storming off "Good Day L.A. " earlier this week, Kat Von D writes a lengthy Facebook explanation (note: it contains some strong language) of her tough times, titled "What can I say? I suck. " She might have difficulty finding someone to argue with that. ( Facebook ) People love Redbox -- the company's revenue is up 34% from this same time a year ago. ( Los Angeles Times ) Alan Ball says he'll be back with "True Blood" for another season, but he reminds us, "Everything ends.
July 28, 2011
A roundup of entertainment headlines for Thursday. The Electric Daisy Carnival documentary had its premiere in Hollywood last night, and a near-riot broke out. ( Los Angeles Times ) The cast of the 25th anniversary touring company of "Les Miserables" mashed up its musical with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind" for a video. ( Los Angeles Times ) A woman tried to burgle Alex Trebek's hotel room in San Francisco, but the "Jeopardy!" host gave chase.
May 14, 2011 | James Rainey
It's been more than a quarter-century since futurist Stewart Brand said, "Information wants to be free. " In about half that time, the founders of Google have accumulated fabulous riches by putting free information a mouse click away. Six years on, Arianna Huffington has shown that free content, assembled by a couple hundred paid journalists and thousands of unpaid bloggers, can pay off in a big way — at least for her. In recent days, the second part of Brand's aphorism has also been proved.
April 13, 2011
A roundup of entertainment headlines for Wednesday. Katie Couric and Matt Lauer reunited today on, er, "Today. " ( Los Angeles Times ) President Obama is expected to appear on one of Oprah's final shows. There have been 44 presidents but only one Oprah. ( Los Angeles Times ) Speaking of presidents, presidential hopeful Donald Trump seems to be in a feud with Bill Cosby, of all people. ( Los Angeles Times ) An unhappy writer is suing Huffington Post and AOL for some of its $315 million sale price.
April 1, 2011 | By Michael Walker
Should stage owners who profit from the talent appearing on those stages be obliged to pay the talent in something other than exposure? Two labor disputes over talent and compensation, three decades apart yet eerily similar, suggest the issue remains as vexing as ever. The more recent concerns whether the Huffington Post should pay its non-staff writers and bloggers, who supply most of the popular website's content for free. Arianna Huffington, who sold the site she cofounded to AOL in February for $315 million, has increasingly come under fire for not paying for most of the content she runs.
March 31, 2011 | Meghan Daum
This may come as a surprise, but Phyllis Schlafly, legendary conservative and leader (that is, victor) in the battle against the Equal Rights Amendment, is alive and well and still publishing books. At 86, she just collaborated with her 43-year-old niece Suzanne Venker on "The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know — and Men Can't Say. " If you've heard about this book, it might be because you read an interview with the authors on the Huffington Post with the headline "Feminists Love Divorce!"
March 16, 2011 | James Rainey
Imagine if the San Francisco Chronicle beefed up coverage of the state capital and asked Gov. Jerry Brown which agencies deserved the most coverage. Or what if Fox News planned to take a closer look at the United Nations with the blessing of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon? The snickering that ensued would be prolonged, followed by a righteous blast of indignation from other news outlets. Journalism born out of such cooperation would rightly stink of conflict. That will be at least the initial aroma around the latest journalistic initiative by America's fastest-growing news outlet, Patch.
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