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Hugh Hefner

January 5, 1985
For the past five years, as a member of the Los Angeles County Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, I have been fighting against everything that Hugh Hefner stands for, with increasing frustration on my part. Now, The Times is doing its best to glorify Hefner, together with most other immoral elements of our society, on a continuing, obnoxious basis. With the media's obsession for "First Amendment Rights" and disregard for human dignity, you leave little choice except to campaign, as a commissioner, for greater moral standards.
July 19, 2003 | Louise Roug
Hugh M. Hefner and comic book creator Stan Lee have partnered to create an animated television series starring Hefner and various Playmates as a crime-fighting team combating "enemies of democracy." The series, "Hef's Superbunnies," will target an adult audience and will be produced by Lee's Pow! Entertainment and Playboy's Alta Loma Entertainment. Before founding Playboy, Hefner wanted to become a cartoonist, he said, adding that the partnership is "a match made in heaven.
August 12, 1994
I am writing in reference to Steve Proffitt's interview with Hugh Hefner (Opinion, July 31). I was struck by the contrast between Hugh Hefner's perception of Playboy and my observations of its effect on society. Hefner mentions the founding of this country by Puritans. The attitudes they handed down discouraged communication about sex, creating an atmosphere void of healthy sexual growth or exploration. When Playboy appeared in the '50s, it represented a swing of the pendulum in the opposite direction.
August 18, 1985
Martha Mark writes of the desert in the spirit of Joseph Wood Krutch, which is the highest compliment I can bestow upon her ("Counting the Majestic Desert Sheep," Other Views, Aug. 7). I cannot help but also comment upon the curious juxtaposition of her article and that of the adjacent piece written about Hugh Hefner ("Hefner Agrees to Tell His Life Story" by Elizabeth Mehren). Mehren is a fine writer and what I am about to say is not to disparage her considerable talents. My problem is with the mentality of printing what appears to be an advertisement for Hefner's book.
July 30, 2010 | By Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Nowadays, the name Hugh Hefner likely evokes the image of an elderly man in silk pajamas, flanked by a bevy of ridiculously young beauties partying at his Beverly Hills mansion. But, as the entertaining documentary "Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel" proves, the founder of the Playboy empire has been not only a wildly successful purveyor of hedonism but also an influential defender of human rights and moral freedoms. Writer-director Brigitte Berman presents a treasure trove of archival footage here along with an enjoyably eclectic array of interviews with Hefner supporters (including Dick Gregory, Jesse Jackson, George Lucas and Joan Baez)
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